RDJ Welcomes Stephen Colbert to the Avengers for His Tony Stark Cosplay

Probably one of the worst things about self-quarantine is boredom, and being entertainers, celebrities have come out online to try and lift up their fans' spirits. Stephen Colbert had just posted up this video of himself cosplaying as Tony Stark, and Stark himself Robert Downey Jr. apparently approves.

Check it out:

For context, Colbert basically spends the video fixing up his ‘isolation look' and he ends with full-on Tony Stark cosplay. It's actually pretty uncanny, and at some point, I thought Colbert was actually using DeepFake tech to pull off the look.

While Tony Stark may be gone in the MCU, there have been rumors going around that he could find a way to come back or at least make a cameo in future films. For one, it's said that they're actually going to use old footage of him from Civil War in the Black Widow solo film. And though I'm against it, I have a feeling he's still going to have a presence in the third Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland. Maybe he could even make a cameo in the Doctor Strange sequel, who knows?

Then again, I think it's really best that RDJ doesn't make an appearance for a while, that way, Stark's death will really feel like something solid. We wouldn't want everyone to keep resurrecting in this universe, but then again, it's comics, so anything can happen.

The next MCU film that still hasn't been delayed is Eternals, and its set to hit theaters on Nov. 6.

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