Ray Park Also Wants a Sequel for Solo: A Star Wars Story

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No one had any idea that Darth Maul would be making his return to the big screen with Solo: A Star Wars Story, and now everyone wants to see a sequel happen with Solo taking on the former Sith Lord. Apparently, even Ray Park himself wants the sequel to happen.

This was his exchange with a fan on Twitter:

While Solo had famously made headlines last year as Lucasfilm's first ‘flop', the movie admittedly was not bad in any way. A lot of people who went to see the film have actually been saying how much they liked it online, and some The Last Jedi haters also admit that the movie has gotten them back into the Star Wars franchise.


When it comes to the movie's failures though, it seems that Disney is ultimately to blame. The studio refused to push back the release date after the original directors were fired, and marketing was so watered down because Disney wanted all the focus on the release of Infinity War. By the time Solo hit theaters, a lot of the movie going public didn't even know that the film existed.

For now, a lot of fans are still hoping that Lucasfilm will #MakeSolo2Happen, it's just a matter of waiting on Lucasfilm's final verdict. Solo co-writer Jon Kasdan admits that Han and Qi'Ra's story isn't over yet, and I would love to see what Ron Howard would do with a film that was his project from the very beginning.

No sequel for Solo has been announced.

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