Queen Elizabeth Shock: Monarch Weighs Prince William, Kate Middleton, Other Royals After Their Christmas Feast For This Touching Reason

Credit: CBS Mornings/YouTube

Credit: CBS Mornings/YouTube

The royal family led by Queen Elizabeth has a slew of absurd traditions, some of which dates back from hundreds of years ago. But there is, perhaps, one touching Christmas tradition that the monarch still does during the holiday season.

Queen Elizabeth and her loved ones celebrate Christmas in Sandringham. They had to temporarily halt this tradition during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it seems the royals will finally reunite again on Christmas Day.

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Queen Elizabeth Weighs The Royal Family

During a previous interview with Grazia magazine, royal expert Ingrid Seward revealed that the queen typically asks all her guests to weigh themselves after they enjoy a lavish Christmas feast.

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Seward said that the queen uses an antique scale to measure the weight of her relatives, which includes Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and more.

However, Seward also said that the queen follows this tradition not to prevent a royal from gaining weight over the holidays. Instead, she checks everyone’s weight to ensure that all her relatives will leave the table with their bellies and hearts full.

According to Page Six, this tradition dates back to King Edward VII’s reign in the early 1900s.

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Queen Elizabeth Gives Her Corgis A Special Treat

Other than this, the members of the royal family cannot just enter the dining room as they please. Instead, they line up according to seniority.

However, the royals are not the only ones who will have a wonderful time during the holiday season. Former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed that the queen sees to it that her dogs also have the best time.

“Even the corgis — there were 12 when I was a chef — have individual menus, usually involving a rotation of fresh rabbit, beef, or chicken with rice and cabbage. We’d jokingly refer to the footmen responsible for the dogs, both named Paul, as ‘Doggy One and Doggy Two,” McGrady recounted.

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Royal Family’s Christmas Traditions Revealed

Meanwhile, the royal family also attends a black-tie dinner on Christmas Eve. Prior to this, the royals also gather in one of the rooms in Sandringham to open their Christmas gifts.

Even though the members of the British clan are rich, they do not spoil each other with lavish presents. Instead, the royals gift each other with humorous gifts.

Before quitting The Firm, Prince Harry once gave the queen a shower cap with a curse word on it.

On Christmas Day, the royals usually wake up early to attend the 9 a.m. church service at St. Mary Magdalene. Two hours later, the royals attend a public service and all the members of the royal family walk toward the church except for Her Majesty, according to Pop Sugar.

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On Christmas night, the royals reportedly gather inside the ballroom to watch a Christmas movie. The ballroom in Sandringham is typically used for important events, but there’s a screen installed in one of the walls that the royals use on Christmas Day.

After the festivities, the royals will break apart to join their other families. Camilla reunites with her two children, while Middleton hangs out with her side of the family with Prince William and their kids.

But regardless of what Queen Elizabeth and the royals do over the holidays, one thing’s for sure, they all have the best time!

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