Queen Elizabeth Shock: Monarch Could Abdicate After Her Platinum Jubilee? Prince Charles’ Mom Reportedly Deserves Gracious Abdication

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Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth has been sparking health concerns in recent months. She recently tested positive for COVID-19 but has fully recovered from the illness. The monarch also suffered an undisclosed health issue late last year which prevented her from making public appearances. And she also skipped the Commonwealth Day service that she was supposed to attend earlier this month.

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Queen Elizabeth Encouraged To Abdicate After Her Platinum Jubilee

In his column for Woman UK, royal biographer Duncan Larcombe talked about Queen Elizabeth’s recent health issues and said that it would only make sense for the queen to abdicate from her position. Even though Queen Elizabeth made it clear that this was something that she wouldn’t do, Larcombe still claimed that this could be what was best for her and the British monarchy.

After all, Her Majesty is not getting any younger. And her recent health issues have been concerning for everyone especially those around her.

“Her Majesty will take comfort in knowing her legacy is in safe hands. By bowing out gracefully after the Jubilee, she would have the nation’s blessing. Has there been anyone in history who deserved to put their feet up as much as the queen? She could oversee her son’s accession to the throne, ensuring a smooth transition. Surely, this would be better than waiting until ill health or frailty force the issue,” Larcombe said.

The royal biographer also pointed out that the decision to abdicate or not is entirely up to Queen Elizabeth. But if the monarch decides to do the latter, it’s unlikely for royal fans to criticize her for it.

“The reality is that only the queen will decide when is the right time to go. And she shows little, if any, signs of wanting to slow down. But this famously pragmatic royal will be all too aware that the twilight of her incredible reign is on the horizon,” Larcombe concluded.

Queen Elizabeth Won’t Abdicate Because Of Princess Charlotte

So many things have been said about the queen abdicating or not abdicating. Last year, a source told Daily Mail that it’s unlikely for Queen Elizabeth to abdicate from the throne.

“I don’t think she’s going anywhere, anytime soon. I think the Queen sees what those boys and their wives bring…Princess Charlotte already knows how to work for a crowd. Maybe now through her grandchildren, she can see a way of just staying on the crest of that wave,” the source said.

Royal fans are also convinced that Princess Charlotte may have something to do with the queen’s decision. Since Prince William and Kate Middleton’s daughter is the next female in the order of succession, the queen might want to stay on a little longer. After all, Princess Charlotte is still too young to represent the women of the British monarchy.

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Queen Elizabeth Should Abdicate Now

Last month, The Guardian claimed that now could be the perfect time for the queen to abdicate. After all Queen Elizabeth already performed her royal duties throughout an impressive timeline so she doesn’t have anything more to prove.

“The Queen may be fit, but she is clearly delicate. Any reasonable person would recommend retirement from active work for a woman of her age. Yet none in royal circles dares breathe the word abdication – a concept toxic to the royal family since Edward VIII’s enforced departure in 1936. It is accepted that serious incapacity might require the Prince of Wales to be made “regent”, though the confusions of regency under George III make it hardly appealing. Besides, if the prince is going to act as a king for the remainder of his mother’s life, there seems little point in not crowning him,” journalist Simon Jenkins said.

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Queen Elizabeth Doesn’t Have Plans To Step Down

But according to previous reports, Queen Elizabeth has been adamant at saying that she will never abdicate. In fact, she reportedly told her cousin, Margaret Rhodes that the only time she would step down is if she gets Alzheimer’s or has a stroke.

In 2003, the queen also, reportedly, told George Carey that abdicating is something that she can’t do so she plans to carry on until the end.

But one thing that Queen Elizabeth can do is pass on some of her royal duties and engagements to her successors, Prince Charles and Prince William. The father and son alongside their spouses have been steeping in for the queen most especially in recent months.

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