Queen Elizabeth Heartbreak: Prince Charles' Mom Suffering From Early Stages Of Dementia? Camilla Parker-Bowles Reportedly Working Overtime Trying To Get Monarch To Step Down

Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

The historic 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth has, undeniably, seen numerous changes, including the way in which the British monarch performs her duties. While the wife of the late Prince Philip remains very visible to the public, she was forced to reevaluate her working schedule and scale back public appearances in the wake of multiple health scares and what Buckingham Palace previously confirmed to be episodic mobility problems.

As Queen Elizabeth continues to perform her royal duties amid all the health issues hounding her, the frail royal is also being pressured to renounce the throne. Some royal followers even think that it is best for her to abdicate and let the heir apparent, Prince Charles, take over the throne.

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However, a new report claims that Queen Elizabeth defied the royal family and vowed to die on the throne as her health plunged. Keep on reading to know more details.

Queen Elizabeth Feared To Be Suffering From Early Stages Of Dementia?

Globe Magazine, in its upcoming June 27, 2022 issue, reported that Queen Elizabeth is facing a new mental health crisis amid fears that she is suffering from the early stages of dementia. The news came weeks after Her Majesty struggled to show up for a final appearance at the conclusion of her four-day Platinum Jubilee celebrations earlier this month.

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Now that the historic tribute is over, Queen Elizabeth is said to be being pushed to surrender her throne to her son Prince Charles as the palace’s Men in Grey furiously work to protect the full extent of her fast-plunging “mental and physical frailty” from the British public. An unnamed royal insider stated:

“While they won’t admit [it] openly, family members are heavily pressuring Elizabeth to step down and name Charles as her successor. The truth is Charles has already taken over many of her duties behind the scenes. The job has become too much for someone in their 90s. Even public appearances like those at her jubilee were too much for her condition. It took every ounce of strength to stand on the palace balcony with the rest of the family and review the parade below. Also, many believe her mind’s being ravaged by the beginnings of dementia – and it’s only downhill from here.”

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Royal expert Howard Hodgson is one of the people who insisted that Queen Elizabeth is showing an “acceleration of deterioration.” The Charles: The Man Who Will Be King author blames most of the monarch’s collapse on the shattering death of Prince Philip in April 2021 at age 99.

Howard Hodgson stated:

“She always loved Prince Philip, and the situation was that when you actually lose somebody that you’ve been with for over 70 years, it is a very big drain on you and it must be quite lonely without him. Very often, when one partner dies, the other one errantly either dies in a short space of time too or could be in a situation of actually becoming much more reclusive and depressed.”

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The royal expert predicted that the public would see very little of Queen Elizabeth in the future due to her failing condition – especially her allegedly crumbling mental health. Globe Magazine has previously reported that Her Majesty now uses a scooter to get around in the palace because standing and walking are draining on her frail health condition.

Howard Hodgson expects the royal family to keep Queen Elizabeth from being seen as a doddering old woman. He said:

“The queen deserves to have every dignity and as a result of that I think they will make sure we don’t see too much of her.”

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Meanwhile, Camilla Parker-Bowles is allegedly working overtime trying to get Queen Elizabeth to quit so Prince Charles would be crowned and she can reach her dream of sitting on the throne next to her husband. An unidentified royal insider shared:

“Ever since first seducing Charles when she was a teen, Camilla has dreamt of being queen. She succeeded in destroying his marriage to Princess Diana and becoming his wife. Now, she’s just a hair’s breadth away from the throne – and she can barely wait for the queen to retire – or drop dead!”

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Queen Elizabeth and the members of the royal family have yet to comment on the reports that the monarch is being pressured to step down due to her health. So, devoted followers of the queen should take all these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

Queen Elizabeth Shocks Everyone As She Ditched Walking Aide In A Surprise Royal Engagement

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth was sighted without a walking stick during a recent outing, laying rest growing concerns about her health. The British monarch met with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby on Tuesday and received the Canterbury Cross at Windsor Castle for her contribution to the Church of England.

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The said royal engagement came as a surprise to many after Queen Elizabeth missed the Garter Day procession, as well as various Platinum Jubilee events and the State Opening of Parliament in recent months. The British monarch pulled out of her Jubilee celebrations after complaining of “discomfort” and was then sighted using what seemed to be a crutch during Garter Day, which escalated her health and mobility issues.

The recent royal engagement of Queen Elizabeth, as per reports, proved to be a welcoming respite for avid royal followers as they saw her with the Archbishop sans a walking stick.

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