Queen Elizabeth Health Update: Is Prince Charles' Mother Returning To Public Duties After Attending Prince Philip's Memorial Service?

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Credit: ABC News (Australia)/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth II has sparked health concerns in the past months due to her age and after she contracted COVID-19. She also canceled several royal engagements, including Commonwealth Service. However, she attended her husband Prince Philip's memorial service last month, prompting some to wonder if she would resume doing public duties since she looked fine except for mobility issues.

Queen Elizabeth Still Unlikely To Return To Public Duties Despite Looking Well At Prince Philip's Memorial Service

Queen Elizabeth showed everyone that she was good when she arrived at Westminster Abbey for Prince Philip's memorial service. Numerous royal experts said she had a hard time walking but didn't want want to be photographed in a wheelchair. So, she arrived with a controversial escort — her favorite son, Prince Andrew.

The sight raised several eyebrows but it proved one thing, the Queen could still walk, she just needed assistance. However, when it comes to the monarch resuming her public duties, according to a report from Express, that is unlikely to happen.

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Royal correspondent Camilla Tominey said that the Queen might continue doing her engagements either virtually or at her home of Windsor Castle. She is seeing that the Queen's living room audience will be "happening more frequently now."

As for the public duties, Tominey said other senior working royals like Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Princess Anne and more will be taking over them.

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Queen Elizabeth Not Having Health Problems, Only Mobility Issues

According to Tominey, Queen Elizabeth was "determined" to make it to her late husband's special Thanksgiving memorial service. However, she noticed that the monarch seems to look fine, except for mobility issues which may be due to her age.

"Despite her own discomfort, she was determined to be there. Yes, concessions had to be made to ensure she was as comfortable as possible but it's these types of engagements she will move heaven and earth to attend," Tominey said. "The monarchy is changing before our very eyes and arguably that's no bad thing."

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She continued, "What we think is the Queen isn't having health problems but mobility problems - she can't stand for long periods or walk for long distances and therefore accommodations are being made."

Tominey praised Buckingham Palace for the way it handled the Queen's condition. For her, they did it well.

"I think the palace are handling this very much as they did when the Duke of Edinburgh retired and he was able to say which engagements he did or didn't want to attend at very short notice," she added.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.


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