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Queen Consort Camilla ‘Very Upset’ With Prince Harry, Meghan Markle for Hurting King Charles? Former Duchess of Cornwall Doesn’t Like What the Sussexes Are Doing

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Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Consort Camilla and King Charles have one of the strongest relationships within the royal family. The couple has been through a lot, and despite all the harsh criticisms that they received, they still stayed committed to each other.

So, it's no surprise to know that Queen Consort Camilla and King Charles are very protective of one another. According to royal expert Angela Levin, the mom of two gets very hurt when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say bad things about her husband.

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Queen Consort Camilla Very Cautious Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

During a previous interview, Prince Harry claimed that King Charles and Prince William are trapped within the monarchy. As the monarch and the heir to the throne, they have no other choice but to take on the top job and perform their duties.

Prince Harry, on the other hand, was dubbed a spare. And he and his wife made the decision to quit their roles since he was not expected to rule the British monarchy.

"I think she's very cautious. She doesn't try to push herself toward them. She gets very upset when they hurt King Charles. She was very sorry for him," Levin said (via The Sun).

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Are Prince Harry And Queen Consort Camilla's Relationship Still Strained?

The royal expert added that Queen Consort Camilla understands where Prince Harry and Markle are coming home from because they are parents who are protective of their kids. But she dislikes how they're handling things.

In recent months, there have also been claims that Prince Harry doesn't have an amicable relationship with Queen Consort Camilla. So, there are ongoing fears that the Duke of Sussex might have criticized his stepmom in his memoir.

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Americans Will Side With Prince Harry If He Criticizes Queen Consort Camilla In His Memoir

But US commentator Lee Cohen claimed that Prince Harry might get the support of Americans if he criticizes Camilla in his memoir. After all, royal fans in the United States are more loyal to Princess Diana.

"Camilla has really proved herself to be an asset to Charles and eventually to the British people and has earned the respect of Her Majesty. She's really a very admirable person and as I said an asset to Britain. She makes the heir to the throne happy. Americans are only perhaps seduced by the memory of the beautiful and glamourous Princess Diana," he said (via Express).

Cohen claimed that Americans are sympathetic toward Princess Diana. And they do not have a clear understanding of what royalty is.


"Americans are apt to not be terribly warm to Camilla even though, she's proved herself in reality to be a wonderful public servant. I think if Harry does some kind of frontal attack, Americans are not likely to warm to her," he said.

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