Punisher Comic Book Creator Calls For A Female Alfred In The Batman Movie

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Gender-swapping isn't new to Hollywood. The Ghostbusters franchise tried to do it with the 2016 reboot. Oceans 8 tried to do the same. Now, it looks like there's a call for a bit of gender-swapping in Matt Reeve's upcoming The Batman.

Veteran comic book writer Gerry Conway just recently posted on social media suggesting a female mentor for Bruce Wayne in DC's upcoming The Batman. According to the comic book writer best known for creating The Punisher, it would be interesting to see how a female version of Alfred would change the tone and feeling of the film when the gender of the person closes to Bruce Wayne would be swapped.

Conway made his case in a Twitter thread that asked users to fan-cast their own candidates for Alfred Pennyworth for Warner Brother's new Batman movie. The comic book writer then eagerly decided to name Maggie Smith from Harry Potter and Downtown Abbey.


Interesting as it might sound to some, a gender-swapped Alfred Pennyworth seems very unlikely. Alfred plays a huge role in Bruce Wayne's story, and right now, he's playing a significant role in the DC Extended Universe and in the DC television universe.

His prominence can be seen in Gotham and in the upcoming series Pennyworth. It's hard to imagine Warner Brothers greenlighting a gender-swapped version of Alfred – even if Maggie Smith has a hardcore set of fans following her.

What do you think? Would you want to see a female version of Alfred guiding Bruce Wayne in The Batman?

The Batman is set for release on June 25, 2021.

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