Punisher Actor Doesn't Have Faith in Disney Amid Reboot Rumors

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Credit: Columbia Pictures

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is ever-expanding and it's a no-brainer that Marvel Studios can't just rely on the same set of characters they've had since the beginning. Now, with the Fantastic Four and the X-Men all confirmed to be joining the billion-dollar franchise, a lot of fans are hoping that Marvel's "grittier" heroes will also join the fray.

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Credit: Netflix

One of which is Frank Castle aka The Punisher. The last time we saw the famed mercenary-turned-anti-hero in Netflix's successful series which only lasted for two seasons. Now that Marvel has regained the rights to the character, fans are excited to see Castle crossover to Earth-616. However, one actor isn't in favor of his potential MCU debut.

In an interview with Movieweb, Thomas Jane, who starred in the 2004 big-screen iteration of The Punisher said he doesn't like the character's chances should Marvel Studios bring him to the MCU.

He explains: "I don’t see a future for Castle. Marvel was bought by Disney. Disney is willing to take things to a certain place, but they’re not willing to go much further. I think that the real noirish, gritty, realist aspect of the anti-hero, it’s not going to be well served [by Disney]. I could be wrong, and I hope I am wrong. But, you know, the real version of Frank hasn’t really been put on film yet."

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We all know for a fact that Disney caters to a certain demographic but to be fair, Marvel Studios is slowly transitioning to more mature content as evidenced by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier receiving a TV R-rating. Not only that but the third Deadpool film starring Ryan Reynolds is also said to keep its original tone and Marvel pretty much guaranteed that they won't be serving fans with a watered-down version of the character.

Now, as for Frank Castle, I'm pretty sure Disney will do the right thing and give the character its proper treatment.

All two seasons of The Punisher are streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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