03 Dec 2018 3:45 PM +00:00 UTC

PUBG Crosses Over With Resident Evil 2, Because Why Not?

Remember how weird it was when Players Unknown Battlegrounds aka PUBG decided to have a crossover with Suicide Squad, even though it was two years late for it to be relevant? Well, it seems like the developers wanted their next crossover to be much more relevant, as the popular online shooter is now teaming up with Capcom for a Resident Evil 2 crossover.

Yes, Resident Evil 2 is an old game that came out in the late '90s but it's also receiving a lovely looking remake on January 25, coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, all of which are home to PUBG as well. The details on the crossover are actually pretty slim since the teaser, which can be seen below, doesn't really reveal much.

If it's anything like previous crossovers, we can probably expect a few skins from the Resi 2 remake to grace the online shooter, maybe some zombie skins as well for those that want to be the undead. Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield will probably be playable in the crossover, with Ada Wong possibly joining them for good measure.


PUBG has to be one of the most successful multiplayer games out today, with Fortnite being its sole competitor when it comes to free online games. Resident Evil 2 on the other hand, looks to be an epic remake of a beloved PSOne game, combining a tense atmosphere and great visuals with a gameplay system similar to Resident Evil 4.

Gamers can get PUBG now while Resident Evil 2 comes out on January 25.

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