Princess Diana, King Charles Had ‘Sharp Contrast’? Prince William, Harry’s Parents Had ‘Dramatic’ Disconnection, Expert Claims

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Princess Diana and King Charles had a fairytale wedding. However, it's not a secret that Prince William and Prince Harry's parents didn't have a happy ending. One royal expert claimed that the royal couple had a "dramatic" disconnection based on their photos.

Princess Diana And King Charles' Gestures Were In Contrast With Each Other

Body language experts Traci Brown and Patti Wood revisited King Charles and Princess Diana's relationship after Netflix dropped The Crown Season 5, which highlighted the royal couple's relationship. According to the two experts, it's noticeable how disconnected the former Prince and Princess Wales were based on their photos.

In one shot, they were photographed inside a limousine while on their way to their first public engagement together. According to Brown, King Charles was confident, while Princess Diana seemed unsure of herself as if she didn't want to be there.

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"Charles appears confident, like things are going well," Brown told Today. "Diana's not happy in this moment – the angle of her neck and her eyes are really wide as well."

Wood added that Princess Diana's body language appeared down

and her gestures were in contrast to her husband's.

"What's significant about her, if you look, you [see] how downward her body language is," she added. "It actually pulls your energy down. Here she is, in a limo, gorgeous dress, perfect hair and makeup and she looks down and defeated and looking off to the side. It's a sharp contrast to how he looks. He's got an 'I'm looking good tonight' look on his face. The disconnect is dramatic."

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Princess Diana Reportedly Uncomfortable In The Spotlight Based On Engagement Photo

Princess Diana and King Charles' 1981 engagement picture revealed much about Prince Harry's mom's relationship with the press. According to Brown and Wood, it was evident that she was not comfortable when the snap was taken.

"Charles is looking down and through the tops of his eyes," Brown explained. "Diana's not reaching for him. She's not 100 percent comfortable with being in the limelight because her one arm is straight, and the other arm is crossed – she's protecting. It's not an elegant look. We would never see this from her in her later years. This is all new to her, it's brand new."

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Wood echoed the same sentiment. She agreed that Princess Diana appeared uncomfortable in the photo.

"[Charles has] this big smile on his face," Wood said. "She is leaning her head in his direction and towards him. She's got a smile on her face, but you see her doing a 'locked cross,' meaning her arm is wrapped all around her body and she's grabbing it on the other side. That creates a locked wall of 'I don't want you to enter here.'"

Stay tuned for more news and updates on what experts say about Princess Diana and King Charles' marriage.

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