Princess Charlotte Shock: Prince William’s Daughter Has The Makings Of A Future Queen After Platinum Jubilee Appearance? Young Royal Reportedly More Powerful Than Prince George

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Credit: The Telegraph/YouTube Screenshot

Princess Charlotte is one of the most popular members of the royal family. Even though she’s just 7 years old, she has already made headlines hundreds of times. In fact, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s only daughter recently caught the attention and hearts of royal fans after they saw her behavior at the queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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Princess Charlotte Adorably Corrected Princes George And Louis At The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Princess Charlotte made headlines following two key moments during the queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Even though she’s the middle child, it was evident that she was looking after her siblings, Prince George, and Prince Louis.

During their carriage ride on their way to Buckingham Palace, the royal siblings waved and smiled at the crowd for a few seconds. Princess Charlotte put her hand down, but she noticed that Prince Louis was still waving to the people gathered around the venue. As such, she immediately grabbed Prince Louis's hand and instructed him to stop waving.

While on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, Princess Charlotte was also spotted singing “God Save the Queen.” Even though she was focused on singing the national anthem, she was still observant enough to notice that Prince George had placed his hand on the wall in front of him. Princess Charlotte immediately gestured to her older brother to put his hand down and stand straight.

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Princess Charlotte, Prince George's Personalities Compared

These two occasions reportedly proved that Princess Charlotte has the makings of a future queen. Unfortunately, she will only be one if Prince George decides that he doesn’t want to take on the top job and abdicates. While this seems unlikely, it’s not uncommon for the siblings to be compared to each other.

In fact, some royal experts previously claimed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s personalities are very different. The former is reportedly quieter and more reserved compared to his younger sister. Princess Charlotte, on the other hand, is quite cheeky and sociable.

However, the Duke of Cambridge previously confirmed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are equally cheeky. In the documentary A Planet For Us All, Prince William asked one girl if she likes to get into trouble just like his little Princess Charlotte.

And another young girl asked the second in line to the throne if Princess Charlotte is cheekier than Prince George. Prince William said that the siblings are about as cheeky as each other.

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Princess Charlotte More Powerful Than Prince George In Terms Of Net Worth

But according to reports, even though Prince George and Princess Charlotte have similar traits, one of them is more powerful than the other. And the identity of who this person is might surprise royal fans.

According to Reader’s Digest, Princess Charlotte’s impact on the British economy will be much greater than Prince George's. More specifically, their net worth is estimated at $5 billion and $3.6 billion, respectively.

InStyle clarified that the figures all boil down to the fact that more people are likely to buy a dress that Princess Charlotte wore than a pair of shorts that Prince George wore.


And more specifically, this can be referred to as the Princess Charlotte effect, which is similar to the Kate Middleton effect, as well as the Meghan Markle effect. All three are able to sell out clothes within minutes.

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