Princess Anne Shock: Prince Harry’s Letter Made Queen Elizabeth’s Only Daughter Cry? Princess Royal Adores Nephew

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Princess Anne and Prince Harry are reportedly close. In fact, Princess Anne is, reportedly, so concerned with her nephew that she warned him against Meghan Markle. During their conversation, Princess Anne reportedly told Prince Harry that Markle was not the right partner for him.

Following Prince Harry and Markle’s Megxit, there were claims that the former cut ties with some members of the royal family, including Princess Anne.

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Princess Anne Wants Prince Harry To Know She’s Not Mad

New Idea, in its Dec. 13 issue, claimed that after almost two years, Princess Anne and Prince Harry finally had the chance to exchange their thoughts via their letters for each other.

Princess Anne allegedly decided to write Prince Harry a letter to let him know that she’s not mad at her even though her name was dragged in the racism row of the royal family.

“Anne doesn’t feel anger towards Harry, only pity. After all, she knows all too well how it feels to be the second-born behind a future king – it can be awfully confusing and lonely. She agrees that Harry has made some terrible mistakes in the past year, but she’s trying to get the rest of the family to focus on the bigger picture, which is supporting Her Majesty,” an unnamed source said.


Princess Anne Hopes To Reunite With Prince Harry On Christmas Day

The unnamed source added that Princess Anne invited Prince Harry to celebrate Christmas with the royal family. And even though she knows that there’s a huge possibility that Prince Harry would reject her invitation, she still reminded him that it’s for Queen Elizabeth, who lost her husband earlier this year.

“Family is the most important thing to the queen above all else, and Anne reminder Harry that this festive season is the first his grandmother will face without Prince Philip by her side,” the unnamed source said.


Prince Harry Apologized To Princess Anne

When Prince Harry replied to his aunt’s letter, he allegedly told him that he had been thinking of returning home for the holidays.


“Harry wants to put everything to one side even if it’s only for a short while, given this could be his grandmother’s last Christmas. He appreciated Anne’s invitation and said he was grateful to know that he has an ally and support in Anne,” the unnamed source claimed.

The Duke of Sussex also apologized to Princess Anne because she was initially accused of being racist after royal author Lady Colin Campbell said that she had reservations about Prince Harry and Markle’s son’s skin color.

However, it was recently revealed that the royal that commented on Archie’s skin color was Prince Charles.

“Harry learned pretty quickly that it was a big mistake to call out a small group of people because then all of them cop it. He felt bad Anne got swept up in it all,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Royal Family Christmas Continues Even Without Prince Harry

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A second insider added that regardless of whether Prince Harry will join the royal family in Sandringham or not, Princess Anne is still in charge of planning their holiday festivities.


“Her Majesty has been relying on her daughter more than ever in recent months so it’s natural that Anne would pick up the slack. She is going to make this the biggest Christmas yet,” the second unnamed source said.

Princess Anne also, allegedly, is one of the two people that have direct access to the queen’s mobile phone. So, the mother and daughter must be in constant communication regarding their Christmas plans.

The royal family typically celebrates Christmas at Sandringham, and they stay there for a few days. Sources previously confirmed that Prince Harry and Markle would celebrate Christmas in Montecito, and there’s no indication that the Duke of Sussex would head to the United Kingdom without his wife, according to Cosmopolitan.

Despite the queen’s recent health issues, she will still, reportedly, commit to hosting a royal family Christmas. And she’s still in charge of planning what goes on at the celebration.

“This year, more than ever, it is incredibly important to Her Majesty to be surrounded by her loved ones. The Queen is totally committed to hosting everyone as she hopes to make it back to full health in the coming weeks,” according to Mirror UK.

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