Don Lemon Plans To Jump Ship Amid Show's Poor Ratings? CNN Host Reportedly Hates Kaitlan Collins And Poppy Harlow, Blames Everyone But Himself

Credit: Neon Tommy/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Credit: Neon Tommy/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

American television journalist Don Lemon is shredding nerves by refusing any blame and planning to jump ship amid CNN’s rating plunge to rock bottom, a new report claimed.

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Don Lemon Reportedly Blames Everyone But Himself

Sources claimed the veteran host had become a moody mister since new network CEO Chris Licht bumped him from a 10 p.m. primetime gig to co-host CNN This Morning with Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow – a move insiders claim Lemon sees as a total downgrade.

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With the network’s rating hitting rock bottom, Lemon is said to be blaming everybody but himself. A tipster told Globe:

“He has a colossal ego, and he’s the kind of person who goes around saying he’s not going to take the fall for his show flopping, it’s not his fault the network’s tanking, and they shouldn’t have pushed him out of his primetime slot.”

It added:

“The ratings are way down, the new boss is implementing tough new rules, and no one is happy. All these people were pampered with perks and pats on the back until now, and all of a sudden Don, Wolf Blitzer and others are at a point of, ‘yikes, we’re in trouble.'"

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Don Lemon Hates Co-Hosts Poppy Harlow And Kaitlan Collins?

Lemon, as tension continues to build, is said to be ripping into Collins off-cam. The male television journalist was allegedly still livid when his co-host interrupted him during a show in December.

A mole divulged cast and crew have been walking on eggshells around Lemon since. He has also reportedly clashed with Harlow and tried to pass it off as a joke.

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An insider stated:

“Don’s looking out for himself only. He’ll play hardball with the bosses if they even try to treat him as insignificant.”
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Meanwhile, Lemon and others allegedly know they could be on the chopping block if things do not improve. The host is said to be scrambling to find another gig before the axe falls.

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A spy shared:

“Don still thinks very highly of himself, and he’s continuing to put feelers out elsewhere, though it’s going to be a tough sell. Nobody’s going to want Don or any of his miserable co-workers with those bad ratings trailing after them.”

Don Lemon has yet to comment on the claims that he is clashing with Poppy Harlow and had Kaitlan Collins in tears. So, avid followers of the CNN host should take all these unverified reports with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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