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Prince William Shock: Kate Middleton’s Husband Thrilled Cheating Rumors Died Down? Future King Allegedly Promised Duchess He Won’t Stray

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Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William was previously embroiled in a cheating scandal. The rumors died down after the Duke of Cambridge’s legal team threatened to take action against those that were spreading the dubious claims. But earlier this year, a journalist brought up Prince William and Rose Hanbury’s alleged affair and this got a lot of people talking.

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Prince William Assured Kate Middleton He Won’t Cheat On Her

Us Weekly, in its Feb. 28 issue, claimed that Prince William couldn’t help but be humiliated. And he also feels bad for his wife, Kate Middleton because she’s being dragged into the scandal.

“William empathetically denied those rumors, and Kate chose to believe him, but it was still a hellish time. Once the dust finally settled, William promised Kate that he’d never stray and that she’s his soulmate who’s brought him more happiness than he could ever have dreamed of. William knows how lucky he is and says he’d never do anything to jeopardize that,” an unnamed source claimed.

Prince William, Kate Middleton Are A Team

Despite all the challenges, rumors, and criticisms, Prince William and Middleton have always been united when it comes to their goals and royal duties.

“William and Kate have taken on additional duties and it’s brought them even closer together,” the unnamed source said.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are not doing anything, they make it a point to spend time at home with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

And one of the couple’s favorite activities includes watching Netflix. They also love to play Scrabble and drink wine. And when there are occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Prince William allegedly makes it a point to spoil his wife. Last week, he allegedly surprised Middleton with 50 roses.

Prince William Gearing For His Busy Schedule Alongside Prince Charles

In the coming weeks and months, Prince William will allegedly have a busy schedule because he would be working closely with his dad, Prince Charles.

“William knows what he’s doing, but Charles has had 73 years of experience and will ensure that his son is up to speed. Charles and William both want to slim down the monarchy to make sure that core members work hard to show their value,” the unnamed source said.

Prince William Planning His 40th Birthday

And when it comes to Prince William’s 40th birthday, the unnamed source claimed that the royal family already has something special in the works.

Prince William’s family and friends will allegedly gather around to toast the important occasion.

“He’s an emotional guy, and of course, he looks back at all the good and bad things that happened. He has yet to forgive his brother for criticizing the royals so publicly. It’s something he’ll never understand. But the bottom line is, William’s happy and looking forward to the future. He’s determined to honor his grandmother’s legacy and lead the monarchy into the next generation with Kate and his kids at his side,” the unnamed source explained.

Prince William Excited For The Future

Overall, the Duke of Cambridge is allegedly excited for the next decade or so because this could finally be the time when he’ll ascend the throne.

“William is excited about this chapter in his life and the challenges he’ll be facing. His goal for the next decade is to be as prepared as possible for when he takes the throne. He has high ambitions of creating the perfect balance between being a respected role model and decision-maker and relatable to the public. He wants to be the people’s prince,” the unnamed source concluded.

As of late, Prince William has not yet revealed his birthday plans or his plans for the British monarchy when he ascends the throne. So, it is important to note that the claims made by the publication are just based on hearsay.

And when it comes to Prince William and Hanbury’s alleged affair, this was never proven. Just like the first time, the rumors died down naturally the second time around.


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Kate Middleton Wants To Rose Hanbury About Her Affair With Prince William

But last week, In Touch Weekly claimed that Middleton wanted to confront Hanbury so that she’ll finally the truth about the latter’s alleged affair with Prince William.

However, this is also just a rumor. It’s unlikely for Middleton to confront Hanbury because she knows the truth.

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