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Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William’s Wife Plans To Confront Rose Hanbury? Duchess Allegedly Wants Answers About Rumored Affair

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Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William was linked to Rose Hanbury over three years ago. Even though there was no proof that the two had an affair, some sources are insisting that they did. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge never addressed the allegations publicly, but Prince William’s legal team threatened to sue those that will continue to spread the lies.

Shortly after, the affair rumors died down. But just weeks ago, they once again made headlines after a source insisted that Prince William and Hanbury really had an affair.

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Kate Middleton Wants To Know The Truth About Prince William, Rose Hanbury’s Affair

In Touch Weekly, in its Feb. 21 issue, claimed that Kate Middleton is also thinking about Prince William and Hanbury’s alleged affair until today. In fact, she’s thinking about confronting her husband’s alleged mistress. But she wants to be very careful about her approach for fear that her plans would backfire.

“She was devastated when the rumors first started and immediately confronted Rose. It was very emotional – there were lots of tears. Rose denied it, and Kate ultimately decided to move past the scandal. But now that it’s in the headlines again, all the same, doubts are creeping back in. Kate knows the only way she can get past this is if she confronts Rose again,” an unnamed source said.

The unnamed source added that Prince William and Middleton’s marriage was gravely affected by the affair rumors. So, even if they are showing the public that they are united, the same thing cannot be said behind closed doors.

Prince William has allegedly denied having an affair with Middleton on multiple occasions, but the Duchess of Cambridge is not convinced that her husband is telling the truth.

As such, Middleton won’t allegedly stop until she gets answers from Hanbury.

“Kate is on a mission. And it’s understandable if she feels threatened by Rose, who comes from the aristocracy. Kate’s parents don’t have a drop of blue blood in their veins; they worked hard to build their wealth with a party supplies company,” the unnamed source said.

Kate Middleton Better Than Rose Hanbury

However, Hanbury won’t still be a match for Middleton. After all, the mom of three worked hard to achieve things, and she’s also very competitive.

“She had to be the best at everything. That side of her personality hasn’t changed. It’s very unlikely Kate will lose William to Rose. And Kate wants Rose to know it,” the unnamed source said.

Prince William, Kate Middleton Relocating To Fort Belvedere To Avoid Rose Hanbury

What’s more, Middleton also wants to make sure that Prince William will be as far away from Hanbury as possible. Since their houses are very close in range, the Duchess of Cambridge wants her entire family to relocate to Fort Belvedere.

“Even though she loves Anmer Hall, she’s suggesting to William that they move to Fort Belvedere at Windsor Estate, where they will be closer to the queen and can focus more on their marriage and their family as they try to lead a quieter life with their kids. But their plans are still very much in the air,” the unnamed source explained.

The unnamed source insisted that Middleton is determined to get to the bottom of all the rumors surrounding Prince William and Hanbury. But she also knows that she can’t be hysterical when she confronts the latter.

“She can’t become hysterical when she confronts Rose again. Kate will be firm and demand answers, but she won’t lose it. She may not like what she hears, but she knows she has to keep calm and carry on, no matter what,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Prince William, Rose Hanbury’s Affair Rumors Resurfaced

Prince William and Hanbury’s alleged affair resurfaced earlier this year after journalist Alex Tiffin brought them up while responding to a tweet about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“Deputy Editor of a race-baiting newspaper trying to divert attention from the huge L in court. Also, I'd rather the media just named Prince William as the person in question, instead of [expletive] footing about it, like they did his affair with the Rose lassie,” Tiffin tweeted.

“PS. Injunctions from the High Court in London are worthless in Scotland, my residence and no amount of legal pressure are going to erase the fact Prince William had an affair with Rose Hanbury. Enjoy your evening,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet.


However, Tiffin did not provide any concrete proof about Prince William and Hanbury’s affair. So, these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

It’s not also true that Middleton has plans to confront Hanbury.

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