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Prince William Shock: Kate Middleton’s Husband Takes After Queen Elizabeth? Future King Different From Prince Charles

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Prince William and Prince Charles are the future kings of the British monarchy. But the father and son couldn’t be more different from one another.

While speaking with Express UK, relationship expert Neil Wilkie analyzed the speech and behavior of Prince William during his recent engagements. He said that the second in line to the throne will most likely take after Queen Elizabeth when he ascends the throne.

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Prince William Takes After Queen Elizabeth, Not Prince Charles

Even though Prince William is the eldest son of Prince Charles, the two future kings couldn’t be more different from one another.

“I think William will be King much more in the image of his grandmother than in his father’s. Because I don't think William has said anything which is outside what's normally considered royal protocol. He seems very much one who toes the line rather than pushing the boundaries,” Wilkie said.

Prince Charles, Prince William Have Different Beliefs

Wilkie added that Prince Charles has very different ideas compared to Queen Elizabeth. Over the years, the heir to the throne has also expressed his beliefs on controversial matters.

“It will be interesting to see whether King Charles just holds the fort for William or whether he tries to be the King that he's always wanted to be and maybe creates a more difficult handover for William. He's obviously very strongly environmentally focused. He clearly has been in touch with ministers wanting to know what's happening,” Wilkie concluded.

Prince William Plans To Modernize The British Monarchy

Last year, a source told Us Weekly that Prince William wants to modernize the British monarchy. Prince Charles, on the other hand, wants to keep longstanding royal traditions present within The Firm. However, the heir to the throne also wants a slimmed-down monarchy.

“William is already thinking about the future of the Monarchy and the changes he’ll make. While he respects protocol, he plans to modernize some aspects and is making it his mission to be more relatable than previous generations,” the unnamed source said.

Prince William has also, reportedly, created a healthy balance of openness in the public eye with the help of his wife, Kate Middleton. But the royal couple has also made it a point to maintain the sense of mystery that surrounds their family.

“William accepts that being in the spotlight is part of the job and is fine with it. He takes his future role as King seriously and sees it as a great honor and privilege to be in his position. The Monarchy and his family will always come first,” the source said.

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Prince William Wholeheartedly Accepts His Future Role As King

In May, royal biographer Penny Junor also told The Sun that it’s become more evident that Prince William is modeling himself after the queen.

First, the dad of three wholeheartedly accepts his future as the king of Britain and he doesn’t have any plans to escape his royal duties unlike his brother, Prince Harry.

“I think he absolutely gets what his destiny is and he is embracing it. He is modeling himself on his grandmother the Queen,” Junor said.

But despite Prince William’s dedication, there are still fears that the British monarchy won’t go on forever.

“I think it’s the end game. I don’t know how much longer the institution will go on. I think it will be their last big era,” Dame Hilary Mantel told The Telegraph.

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