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Prince William, Prince Harry Lacked Connection During Their Recent Walkabout? Prince of Wales Worried About Prince Harry but Healing Their Rift Is Not His Priority, Source Claims

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship remains estranged today. Even though they made several joint appearances following Queen Elizabeth’s death, this doesn’t mean that they had the opportunity to resolve their issues.

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Prince William And Prince Harry Lacked Connection During Their Walkabout In September?

According to royal author Christopher Andersen, Prince William and Prince Harry may have stepped out together to view the cards and flowers that royal fans left for the queen, but it was evident that the brothers and their respective wives lacked connection.

“There was no connection. They were all going in different directions, these two couples. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I don’t think it’s going to end well,” he said (via Cheat Sheet).

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Have Prince William and Prince Harry Written Each Other Off?

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield added that it seems healing the brothers’ rift is no longer a priority for Prince William.

“Prince William is just focused on the future of the monarchy and not worried about Harry. I mean, worried about him — but it’s not a priority to heal that rift. Or have they written each other off?” she said.

However, Andersen doesn’t think that Prince William and Prince Harry have already written each other off.

“I don’t think they’ve written each other off entirely. I mean, they’re still relatively young men — there’s time to bridge that widening gap. But it’s not looking good… I never could have imagined that this would happen after all they shared over the years. They do have a unifying memory of their mom who is really key, to the appeal, I think, of the royal family. I think William would love it if bygones could be bygones but he also is just capable of looking at the job at hand, trying to support his father — he is going to be king one day,” he said.

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Prince William And Prince Harry’s Relationship With King Charles Has Been Hot And Cold?

Meanwhile, royal authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand suggested that Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship isn’t the only one that’s strained. The brothers’ relationship with King Charles has reportedly been hot and cold over the years.

The authors claimed that planning King Charles’ 70th birthday photo shoot turned out to be a nightmare for Prince William and Prince Harry.

“William nor Harry made much of an effort to make themselves available [for the shoot]. The brothers sometimes had to vie for additional funds for projects from their father. They actually genuinely have to debate who gets what amount from their father to fund their projects. While Charles may be a father to [William and] Harry, he’s also their boss, and that makes their relationship complex for a number of reasons,” they said (via Marie Claire).

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