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Prince William, Kate Middleton Shock: Royal Couple Reportedly Won’t Be Torn Apart by Prince Harry’s ‘Provocative,’ ‘Tabloid-Like’ Memoir, Source Claims

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are two of the many subjects of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare. But despite everything that the Duke of Sussex has said about the royal couple, the Prince and Princess of Wales have not retaliated. And by the looks of it, they never will because of their roles and position within the royal family.

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Prince Harry Aired His Sentiments Against Prince William And Kate Middleton In Spare

In Spare, Prince Harry revealed some of his concerns when he learned that Prince William had already proposed to Kate Middleton. He said that he heard the news from the press at the exact same time that the world found out that his brother proposed to Middleton.

The Duke of Sussex also detailed the tensions between Middleton and his wife, Meghan Markle, which started as far back as 2018. The two women had an argument over Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress.

And Prince William also called Markle rude after the latter joked about Middleton’s hormones while she was pregnant with Prince Louis.

Prince Harry also claimed that Middleton was seemingly threatened by the fact that she would always be compared to Markle. When the latter first joined the royal family, she was always making headlines because of her popularity and following.

But shortly after, the narrative shifted, and the press pegged Middleton as the hero and saw Markle as the villain.

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Prince William And Kate Middleton Won’t Fall Apart Following Prince Harry’s Allegations In Spare?

A source for Page Six said that it is highly likely for Prince William and Middleton to be upset with Prince Harry because of everything that he wrote about them. But despite their negative feelings, the Prince and Princess of Wales will not respond to Prince Harry’s accounts.

“I can imagine Harry and William coming to blows, to be honest. I think William is quite hot-headed. But Kate has been one of Harry’s biggest supporters, so this is really heartbreaking. They’re so united, they’re made of such strong stuff. Everyone is pretty shocked, they’re reeling. Let’s be honest, it’s been blow after blow after blow. It’s so disrespectful, so hurtful, and [the book is just delivering the last blow. It’s like when you’re in the boxing ring and there’s the knockout punch — there’s no way back,” the source said.

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Source Claims Royal Fans Thought Prince Harry’s Memoir Will Be Less Provocative, Tabloid-Like

The insider added that the public anticipated that Prince Harry’s memoir would be filled with bombshells. But no one knew the extent the dad of two was willing to go to air his side of the story.

“I hope there will have been moments of conscience for Harry when he was writing this. I think there was a moment when people thought it would be a smarter, less provocative, less tabloid book, but here we are,” the source said.

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