Prince William, Kate Middleton Shock: Prince Harry's Brother, Sister-In-Law Classic Case Of 'Opposite Attracts', Expert Claims

Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been married for over a decade already. An expert checked their compatibility and said they were the perfect example of "opposite attracts."

Prince William, Kate Middleton Reportedly Have A Lovely Compatibility

Celebrity astrologer Inbaal Honigman spoke on behalf of Spin Genie and weighed in on the Prince and Princess of Wales' compatibility. According to her, Prince William is "loving and family-minded," while Middleton is "practical and focused."

Both reportedly have their moon in cancer, which gave them a "very romantic sign." Although they are opposite, they also come together in many ways.

"William is a Cancer and Catherine is a Capricorn, and those signs are the perfect case of opposites attract," Honigman explained (via Showbiz CheatSheet).

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"Cancer is loving and family-minded, and Capricorn is practical and focused. So when no one can find the keys to the patio door, Capricorn will do it, and when the kids want an extra bedtime story and cuddle, that's the Cancerian's job."

She added that the future king and queen consort have the same love language and share their joy in nurturing one another, raising their growing family and supporting charitable endeavors.

"There's a lovely compatibility there. In addition, their compatibility goes deeper — within the rest of their chart," she added.

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Kate Middleton, Prince William Are Perfect Match?

Astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology) also weighed in on the royal couple's compatibility test in 2020. Just like Honigman, she noted the pair sharing the same moon sign.

"While William is very homely and gentle as a Cancerian, his Rising Sagittarius means he likes traveling and going abroad," she told Express. "Kate doesn't have that international and adventurous vibe, but they both have the Moon in Cancer."

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"There is nothing more lovely in relationship astrology than having the same Moon sign because it means your sense of home is the same thing. The Queen and Philip also have the same Moon sign."

She added that both also have challenging aspects of Saturn to that moon. They are lonely and isolated people innately. However, they got each other's back because they understand each other.

Francesca described the Prince and Princess of Wales as "lone wolves who were destined to find each other."

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