Meghan Markle Shock: Prince William Thinks Duchess Was Used As A Puppet On Ellen Show? Vows Never To Forgive Her

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Meghan Markle’s relationship remains strained. Previous reports revealed that the second in line to the throne wasn’t thrilled when Prince Harry informed him that he was going to propose to Markle. In fact, the Duke of Cambridge tried to convince Prince Harry to postpone his proposal and instead wait until he and Markle know each other better.

In the new royal book Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry And Meghan, author Christopher Andersen revealed that Prince Harry lashed out at Prince William for questioning his relationship with Markle. And he also became upset with other people that were also against his and Markle’s relationship.

Prince William and Markle have not directly commented on the real status of their relationship. But other sources are adamant at saying that the issues are between the brothers and not Prince Harry’s wife.

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Prince William, Kate Middleton Seething At Meghan Markle

National Enquirer, in its Dec. 13 issue, claimed that Prince William and Kate Middleton had the strongest reaction to Markle’s appearance on Ellen Show.

“Meghan’s wacko TV appearance was an unforgivable disaster and the royals, especially Prince William and Kate, are outraged. Just when they thought the Sussexes couldn’t stoop any lower in bringing shame and scandal to the family, Meghan proves them wrong again. They can’t believe she’d allow herself to be used as a puppet by a talk show host known for humiliating stunts,” the unnamed source said.

Meghan Markle Is An Embarrassment To The Royal Family

Markle’s Ellen Show appearance is, allegedly, the most excruciating thing that the royal family had to deal with. And the fact that it aired shortly after the Duchess of Sussex was caught lying about her involvement in Finding Freedom did not help.

“She looked like a complete fool. Whoever advised her should be terminated. It demeaned her credibility with the public and was a complete embarrassment to the royal family. Her desperate bid to boost her Hollywood brand failed miserably. It may be the final nail in her career coffin,” the unnamed source added.

Even though Markle no longer represents Queen Elizabeth as a senior working royal, her actions still, reportedly, affect Her Majesty and The Firm.

“The Sussexes’ public behavior directly impacts the reputation of the queen and the royal family because they kept their titles after quitting royal duties and Harry is still sixth in line to the throne. The royals are furious the so-called privacy-craving renegades are never cut out of the headlines – by their choice. They organized a scene-stealing trip to New York in November where Meghan got them cast as the Duchess of Duke of Sussex – her name first, a royal no-no,” the unnamed source alleged.

More claims from the unreliable source continued in the lengthy article about Markle’s Ellen Show appearance.

They said that the Duchess of Sussex’s TV stint gravely affected the queen, who just had a series of health scares in recent weeks.

And since Markle was so heartless in still appearing on the show despite the queen’s health problems, the unnamed source said that it’s highly she and Prince Harry will be banned from attending the royal family’s Christmas celebration in Sandringham.

Meghan Markle Should Be Stripped Of Her Royal Title

Additionally, the queen is, allegedly, thinking about stripping Markle of her title because of what she did.

“She won’t let royal rebels destroy her legacy and the monarchy,” the unnamed source concluded.

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The Royal Family Has Not Commented On Meghan Markle’s Ellen Show Gig

Reactions following Markle’s Ellen Show appearance were varied. But it is important to note that the royal family has not publicly commented on it. There’s also no indication that the royals watched Markle on the popular talk show.

Some royal experts commented negatively on Markle’s Ellen Show appearance. Lady Colin Campbell, who is a known critic of the Duchess of Sussex, called her fame-hungry.

Royal author Anna Pasternak told Fox News that Prince Harry’s wife embarrassed the royal family with her prank on Ellen Show.

“She may have rejected the British monarchy yet still she seeks to capitalize on her title, being described on-screen as Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. Presumably, this is to boost her popularity in North America,” Pasternak said.

However, it is important to note that these comments came from royal experts and not from the members of the royal family themselves.

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