Prince Philip Shock: Queen Elizabeth's Husband Showed Off 'Caring Mode' For Daughter Princess Anne

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Prince Philip was a protective dad to his and Queen Elizabeth II's daughter, Princess Anne. His caring nature was shown in ITV's documentary Philip: Prince, Husband, Father.

Prince Philip Showed Off His Caring Side Toward Daughter Princess Anne

The late Duke of Edinburgh passed away in April. A BBC documentary about him was produced following his passing where his children and grandchildren praised him for always being there for them.


In ITV's new documentary Philip: Prince, Husband, Father, Penny Junor pointed out the late royal's "caring" and unseen soft side for his children. Prince Philip was known for being an alpha male. Several alleged he had a rough character and wanted his son, Prince Charles, who was very sensitive, to be like him. However, just like any father, he has a sweet spot for his children.

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"Oh, this is sweet. I’ve never seen it before," Junor commented in one scene in the documentary featuring Prince Philip and his and Queen Elizabeth II's daughter, Princess Anne. "And there’s Anne! Oh, look at her."

Junor added, "Now, that’s interesting. This is him in a caring mode and we don’t tend to think of him as that much of a carer. Making sure that Anne is warm enough. Very sweet. Philip was very good with his children. He could be quite a rough character."

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Princess Anne and his father shared a special bond. Both loved horse riding and have a similar temperament.

In a previous interview, the princess royal said they used to play "chasing games" with their father and he read them bedtime stories at night despite his busy schedule. Prince Philip once said that he wrote the poem Hiawatha to his children.


"Bedtime stories are things that children probably don’t get so much nowadays but were very important in my," Junor added.

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Queen Elizabeth II's Husband Prince Philip Was A Robust Man And Always There For The Family

According to The Firm: The Troubled Life of the House of Windsor author, Prince Philip was very tough toward the heir apparent. The Prince of Wales was a "very sensitive child," and he allegedly did not understand it being a "robust man," himself. He reportedly wanted the future king to be like him. However, Prince Charles was different. Gyles Brandreth, a royal biographer, said Princess Diana's ex-husband didn't understand his father's attitude.

Despite their challenging relationship, Prince Charles had fond memories of his dad. In the BBC documentary, he shared some of the things Prince Philip used to teach him.

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"He tried to teach me to drive a carriage and a pair," Prince Charles said in the documentary. "But that didn't last very long because I don't know why I got complete hysterics driving the thing up the long walk," he said, laughing before adding, "With him getting more and more annoyed that I wasn't concentrating properly."


His granddaughter Lady Louise Windsor shared how Prince Philip and her would go couch driving and how he would tell her anecdotes during the ride. "He's honestly one of the most interesting people, I've ever met," she said.

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Meanwhile, Princess Beatrice praised Prince Philip for having a "quick wit." Prince William also honored his huge presence in their lives.

"He's always been there, the sort of the heart of the family and always been a huge presence behind everything we've done already," the Duke of Cambridge said.

"I think I will best remember him as always being there," Princess Anne also said. "And a person you could bounce off ideas, but if you were having problems you could always go to him and know that he would listen and try to help."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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