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Queen Elizabeth Health Scare: Her Majesty's Purple Hands Reappear, Spark Concerns Among Netizens

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queen elizabeth health scare, queen elizabeth purple hands
Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

Queen Elizabeth II has already returned to making engagements after being advised to rest in the past weeks. However, the netizens have noticed something in the Queen's hands that bothers them.

Queen Elizabeth Sparks New Health Scare Due To Hand Discoloration

The public warmly welcomed the Queen when she returned to her public life. Buckingham Palace shared photos of the Queen in her first public engagement on Twitter.

However, many noticed that something was off with the Queen's discolored hands. Her Majesty's hand looked purple, which could indicate peripheral cyanosis's health condition, which can be caused by arterial and blood supply problems, Express reported.

The symptoms of cyanosis include blue color on the lips, tongue, gums, ears, or skin. It can mean there is not enough oxygen due to lungs, airways, or heart problems. Another cause of cyanosis is Raynaud's, which affects the fingers and toes. Their color will change as if you wear clothing or jewelry that is too tight.

Cyanosis is a symptom of many different conditions and the treatment depends on the cause. Beta-blockers, a medicine used to treat high blood pressure, could also cause the condition.

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Twitter Users Raise Concerns Over Queen Elizabeth II's Purple Hands

It's not the first time the Queen was photographed with purple hands. In 2019, the Queen was also caught on camera without her signature white gloves and many noticed her purple hands when she met King Abdullah II and Queen Rania, Wales Online.

At the time, the netizens thought that she had a bruised hand and were concerned about the Queen.

"I love keeping up with Queen Elizabeth II but I’m concerned. Why does she have such a terrible bruise on her left hand. Did I miss something? But as always, she looks stunning!" Tracy Edgar wrote at the time.

The netizens who saw Queen Elizabeth II's new photos were also concerned about her, especially because she was hospitalized last month. Also, she was advised to rest in the past weeks and she returned with purple hands.

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"Her hands are bright purple and her skin is pale and yellowish. I care dearly for the Queen but I fear all is not well," one commented in the Queen's new photo shared on Twitter.

"I worry so much about the queen, looking at this photograph, her hands look so purple. This is a sign of bad circulation, isn’t there anything that they can do to improve it?" another netizen wrote. "We don’t want to lose her, not yet, not for a long time. We need our queen, God save the Queen."

Meanwhile, several also expressed their joy in seeing the Queen return to her public duties. Also, they were optimistic that the Queen was doing well despite the discoloration in her hands.

"It's so good to see our Queen again," one wrote.


"The Queen looks well," another added.

Stay tuned for more updates about Queen Elizabeth II and her health.

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