Prince Philip Shock: Late Duke Of Edinburgh's Alleged Illegitimate Son Speaks About Similarities With Brother Prince Charles

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Prince Philip has been the Queen's solid support. They had been married for almost 74 years before he passed away. However, according to an outlet, there was a man who claimed to be the Duke of Edinburgh's illegitimate son.

Prince Philip Allegedly Had A Son Before Marrying Queen Elizabeth II

In the 2005 book Tommy Boy, engineer Gunther Focke came forward and shared the cruel taunts he received from other kids growing up post-war for being an illegitimate child of a married German barmaid and a British officer. The latter reportedly wed the Queen.


When Focke learned about his true father, he was determined to be acknowledged as Prince Philip's firstborn son. However, he allegedly received chilling threats and stonewalling from the palace, Radar Online reported.

"I don’t want to hurt the Royal family," said Focke, who's now 75 and two years older than Charles. "But I need some sense of closure and I won’t get it until Prince Philip admits he’s my father."

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According to Focke, the late royal met and seduced his mother, Marie-Karoline. They met near Wremen at the Schwanewedel Inn, just 150 yards away from her home. At the time, Prince Philip was the first lieutenant onboard a newly built destroyer called HMS Whelp. Focke provided evidence that Prince Philip visited Germany on the said dates when his mom conceived him.

His mom's husband's Hermann, was missing in action and presumed dead at the time. She reportedly fell to the British naval officer. However, at the time, he was already courting the teenage daughter of the King of England, teenage Princess Elizabeth, who took over the throne and became Queen Elizabeth II.

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Prince Philip Shock: Alleged Illegitimate Child Looks Like Prince Charles


Focke wanted to come up with some evidence to support his claim, but the palace allegedly didn't cooperate with DNA proof. So he used his pictures and compared it to the Prince of Wales. The outlet noted that the resemblance of the two gentlemen was undeniable.

Focke, himself, believed that he and the heir apparent share some similarities in their looks, which they allegedly inherited from Prince Philip.

"I even have the same ears as him," Focke said, pointing out one of his resemblances with Prince Charles. "I don’t think anyone could doubt my claims once they see these photos."

An unnamed insider supported Focke's claims. The source said he and Prince Charles have astounding physical similarities and "the only thing missing is the DNA."

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Focke added, "I could get a sample of his hair illicitly. But that would be very unfair because all I want is for him to come out and say he is my father."

In his 2005 book, Focke made it clear what his intention was. According to him, he just wanted to know his dad.


"My only aim has always been a public acknowledgment of my father’s identity," Focke added. "I don’t want to hurt the Royal family – but I have a right to know who my father really is."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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