Prince Louis Shock: Prince William’s Son Reportedly Inherited This Habit From Prince Harry

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Louis stole the show at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. The adorable 4-year-old joined his great-grandmother, parents Prince William at Kate Middleton, and siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the Trooping the Colour.

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Prince Louis’ Hilarious Antics During Trooping The Colour Revisited

During the outing, Prince Louis was spotted putting his thumb in his mouth. And on more than one occasion, he also hilariously placed his hands in his mouth to make funny faces.

Even though the appearance was brief, Middleton had to call Prince Louis’s attention on multiple occasions. Even the queen helped Middleton by asking Prince Louis to focus on the color display in front of them.

But Prince Louis being the young and funny boy couldn’t stay put. In fact, when the sounds of the helicopter and the jets became too unbearable for him, he placed his hands to cover his ears.

His older siblings, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte seemed a bit more relaxed during their recent appearance. But royal fans would remember that when Princess Charlotte was much younger, she also stole the show at the Trooping the Colour.

While watching the display, a much younger Princess Charlotte slipped from the stool that she was standing on and cried. Middleton immediately came to her rescue and consoled her.

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Prince Louis And Prince Harry Share The Same Habit As Children

Meanwhile, this wasn’t the first time that the public saw Prince Louis sucking his thumb. In fact, in 2019 he also made headlines for doing the exact same gesture. And during that time, Middleton also tried to remove his hand from his mouth.

By the looks of it, Prince William and Middleton’s youngest child inherited the habit from his uncle Prince Harry. When the latter was much younger, he was oftentimes photographed with his thumb in his mouth.

And on multiple instances, Princess Diana also tried to remove Prince Harry’s thumb from his mouth.

The Duke of Sussex also has a famous childhood photo taken in 1986 when he was just 2 years old. At the time, he and his family were in Majorca for a royal tour and he was photographed sucking his thumb.

According to Hello! magazine, the Princess of Wales tried to dissuade Prince Harry from sucking his thumb, but he refused to listen.

During the same outing, Prince Harry was once again photographed sucking his thumb while sitting on the stairs outside Juan Carlos’ summer mansion.

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Queen Elizabeth Had Warm Interactions With Prince Louis, Royal Family At Trooping The Colour

In other news, body language Judi James told Mirror UK that Prince Louis’s antics rubbed off on the queen, who was photographed smiling during the whole outing.

“William and Kate emerged wearing their serious facial expressions, with William directing their children into position before standing apart from Kate to ensure a good spread of parental guidance. As the fly-past evolved though, we were treated to the strength of the bonds between the Queen and little Louis. His body language was the most spontaneous and at one point he even moved in front of the Queen,” she said.

James also talked about the body language between Prince Charles and the queen, as well as the monarch’s interactions with the other members of the royal family.

“Leaning over the balcony, looking a lot like Prince Charles did at his mother’s coronation, his body language signals veered between an impatient slapping of his hands on the balcony to some face-rubbing and head-holding that suggested he couldn’t wait to see the planes. The Queen looked over at him with an indulgent facial expression though, chatting to her great-grandson as well as Kate. By the time the Lancaster flew over it looked as though Louis’s excitement had brought out some childlike excitement in the Queen, too. She clearly loved the roar of the engines and as Louis literally jumped up and down at the sight of the Red Arrows, the Queen smiled and chatted as though sharing the moment,” she said.

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