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Prince William, Kate Middleton Shock: Cambridge Pair’s Relationship Reportedly Predicted To End After University By The Royal Family

Credit: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Kate Middleton have one of the happiest and strongest marriages in the royal family. The couple recently celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary, and it’s obvious that their marriage is for keeps. But at the beginning of their relationship, Prince William and Middleton didn’t reportedly have the support of the royal household.

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Royal Household Thought Prince William And Kate Middleton Would Split After University

According to Andrew Morton, some people even thought that Prince William and Kate Middleton would break up after they graduated from the university. And while it is true that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge broke up at some point, this only lasted for a short period of time.

“In the beginning, nobody in the Royal Household expected for a second that the university romance with Catherine and William would continue for any time after they graduated. After he left college, William was doing all kinds of jobs, to get a sense of Britain he will take over. Catherine was left to go her own way, but she survived,” Morton told OK! magazine UK (via Geo. TV).

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Prince William, Kate Middleton Marriage Pact

But what the public didn’t know at the time was that Prince William and Middleton had a marriage pact. The couple agreed that even though the Duke of Cambridge still couldn’t propose to his then-girlfriend at the time, he would pop the question one day, and they will get married.

In her book The Making of a Royal Romance, royal author Katie Nicholl talked about the couple’s marriage pact.

“The British press did label Kate ‘Waity Katy’ which she absolutely hated. But I suppose what none of us knew was that [she] and William had actually made a secret pact to be married way back in 2007 after they got together after their second major breakup. This was a secret pact and we know that this is a couple who are very good at keeping secrets. So really Kate had the last laugh because she’s got her prince,” Nicholl said (via The News).

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Prince William, Kate Middleton Adored By Queen Elizabeth

Over the years, Middleton also earned the approval of the royal family. And she was regarded as the perfect spouse for Prince William, who is the future king of Britain. Even Queen Elizabeth reportedly adores the mom of three.

“The thing about Kate is... the Queen was impressed [that] she adored and loved William for himself, not for his title. She spends a lot of time supporting and nurturing the relationship between William and Catherine than she did with Charles and Diana. It's pretty clear she wasn’t going to make that mistake again. Everything that happened in [Kate and William’s] relationship was strategic, thought through, after a period of time,” Morton said (via Yahoo!).

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