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Prince Harry Will Retract the Negative Things He Wrote About Queen Camilla in His Memoir? Meghan Markle’s Husband Reportedly Agrees to Delay the Release of His Book for Queen Elizabeth’s Sake

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Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry is expected to make some major changes in his memoir following Queen Elizabeth's death. Other than the release date being pushed back until after November 2022, the Duke of Sussex is also expected to retract some of the negative stories he might have shared about his stepmom, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

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Prince Harry Might Have To Retract Some Of His Stories About King Charles, Camilla, And Prince William In His Memoir

According to Page Six, Prince Harry may also remove the negative stories he wrote about King Charles and Prince William because of the recent changes to the Order of Succession, as well as the Queen's death.

Even though Prince Harry most likely only wrote wonderful things about his grandmother in his memoir, one insider claimed that he might also be forced to get rid of some of his stories about her.

"Harry will want to take out certain passages that involve Queen Elizabeth, out of respect for her. Plus, he will want to describe his feelings about the Queen's passing," the source said.

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Prince Harry's Memoir Won't Be Released This Year

Another source also said that it seems unlikely for Prince Harry's memoir to be released this year because the timing just isn't right. After all, the Queen just passed away, and the original November release date might seem too soon following Her Majesty's death.

"Of course, the Queen's passing was something that was always speculated on when we started working on the book. When it comes down to it, there is absolutely no way the book can come out this year. You only have to look at the royal family to see how emotional they are. This is a matter of respect for Her Majesty — as Prince Harry's grandmother and as his Queen," the source said.

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Has Prince Harry Been Insisting For His Memoir To Be Released This Year Despite Queen Elizabeth's Death?

However, the recent claims are in stark contrast to what royal author Tom Bower said this week. He claimed that Meghan Markle's husband has been insisting that his memoir should be released on the scheduled date.

"I am told tonight that Harry is insisting that his book is published in November. Apparently, the publishers are not too certain, but he says if they don't publish it will be a breach of contract. That's what I'm told. It's extraordinary. But on the other hand, it fits the bill, because Harry and Meghan's finances depend entirely on the book and on Netflix. And also, I think they are convinced they're in the right and they want to get their own back," he said (via Daily Mail).


As of writing, the official release date of Prince Harry's memoir has never been confirmed, even before the Queen's death.

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