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Prince Harry Urged to Abandon Netflix Deal After The Crown Season 5; Journalist Penned Resignation Letter for Meghan Markle’s Husband

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Prince Harry should not push with his and Meghan Markle's deal with Netflix, according to a journalist. The broadcaster slammed how the streaming giant portrayed the royals in The Crown Season 5.

Prince Harry Advised To Quit Netflix Deal

Dan Wootton, a journalist and broadcaster, wasn't impressed with how The Crown showed Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, King Charles and Princess Diana's lives in its fifth season. The GB News TV presenter advised the Duke and Duchess to end their deal with the streaming giant, which was reportedly worth £85 million, Express reported.

In an article published in Mail Online, Wootton said he had no idea that the show "would be this bad." According to him, season 5 was an "all-out assault" on his family.

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"As you'll know if you binged the royal drama at the weekend like me, the fifth series is an all-out assault on the credibility, reputation, heart and soul of our beloved recently departed Queen Elizabeth II, her husband, Prince Philip, the new monarch King Charles and his late ex-wife Princess Diana."

"While all four, like most human beings, had their failings, Peter Morgan has set out on an all-out character assassination in his re-telling of the Windsor's trials and tribulations during the troubled 1990s era, including the family's annus horribilis."

According to him, Hollywood was prepared to damage the memory of the greatest monarch. It also portrayed the late Duke of Edinburgh as an "uncaring philanderer."

He also noted the "tawdry and factually inaccurate treatment of Diana." It reportedly "wrongly portrayed" Prince William and Prince Harry's mother "as a bad mum on a solo mission to bring down the monarchy."

"If Prince Harry has the requisite moral fibre and decency, he must immediately prove he's not a Hollywood hypocrite and quit Netflix," Wootton continued.

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Prince Harry Received An Imagined Resignation Letter To Be Sent To Netflix

Wootton wanted Prince Harry to end his business deal with Netflix so badly that he penned a resignation letter "imagined" by him that the Duke of Sussex should send to chief executive Ted Sarandos.

"For many years, I have made clear that a priority for me is to ensure the memory of my mother is protected and that her tragic life and death is not commoditised by the media for commercial gain," the resignation letter began.

"It is, therefore ethically impossible that I continue working for your company after the broadcast of the fifth series of The Crown, which manipulates the dark final days of the late Princess Diana in order for you to gain subscriptions."

The letter also mentioned the private conversation between Prince Harry and Princess Diana, which Wootton deemed was "deeply hurtful." He also noted the alleged manipulation and lies, including the recreation of private telephone conversations between Prince William and Princess Diana, the discredited Panorama interview and more.

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"Most hurtfully, my mother is shown trying to bring down the monarchy, another distortion of the record," Wootton added. "While she was deeply upset with my father, she always remained supportive of the Crown and Her Late Majesty, referring to her as 'my mama.'

My late mother and father's chance meeting at Kensington Palace following their divorce was cordial and mature, but The Crown turns it into another nasty slanging match."

The letter also mentioned how the show allegedly damaged the royal family and monarchy.

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"Therefore, I ask that my Netflix contract be terminated with immediate effect and that you respectfully agree not to broadcast my reality series before the coronation of my father, King Charles," the letter continued before concluding, "I must put the good of my father, my family, our beloved country and the monarchy ahead of my personal ambitions."

What can you say about the resignation letter penned by Dan Wootton? Should Prince Harry use it and send it to Netflix?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry.

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