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Prince Harry Heartbreak: Queen Elizabeth Exhausted With Her Grandson’s Antics? Monarch Allegedly Tells Duke Enough Is Enough

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Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry recently shocked the royal family and his critics when he launched an investigation against the Home Office for allegedly refusing to give him security in the United Kingdom. The Duke of Sussex also revealed via his legal team that he and Meghan Markle won’t set foot in the United Kingdom until they are given the protection and security that they deserve.

However, some of Prince Harry’s critics are calling him entitled. Others also accused the dad of two of engaging in yet another power move.

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Royal Family Is Fuming At Prince Harry For Questioning UK’s Security Rules

Us Weekly, in its Jan. 31 issue, claimed that Prince Harry’s legal investigation did not sit well with the royal family, particularly Queen Elizabeth. After all, the monarch allegedly feels that there’s no end to the things that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex complain about.

“They’re upset about it. These are matters that the royals would rather discuss privately, so for them, it’s another slap in the face. The queen is extremely understanding of Harry’s need to protect himself and his family. But it’s exhausting to see him throwing his weight around again and basically threatening the UK government if things don’t go his way. As far as she’s concerned, enough is enough,” an unnamed source said.

Queen Elizabeth Can’t Change The Rules For Prince Harry

Even though the queen understands Prince Harry with all her heart, there’s not much that she can do to give her grandson what he needs. After all, the monarch’s hands are tied because she cannot just change the rule for non-senior working royals.

Since Prince Harry vowed to not set foot in the United Kingdom unless he’s afforded security, there are claims that the royal family might never see Archie and Lilibet ever again. The thought has allegedly been weighing heavily on the monarch’s shoulder and she hopes that they can all reach a compromise at some point.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Worried About Their Safety

But at the end of the day, Prince Harry and Markle are laser-focused on making sure that they are protected at all times even if this means that they would have to pay a hefty sum.

“They’ve received a lot of death threats. Harry and Meghan have been very concerned about their safety ever since their UK security was taken away from them. It’s a very scary time for them. Harry still has not forgiven the royals for putting his family in possible danger. He and Meghan feel protected in the United States but not in the UK,” the unnamed source claimed.

Markle is also, allegedly, upset with the unfair treatment that her husband has been getting from the royal family and from the British security.

“It hasn’t been an issue for others, but it is for Harry and Meghan because it’s them. They’ve offered to pay for it, they’re not looking for a handout. Just because Harry can’t use his former title doesn’t mean he isn’t a royal. They still need extra protection,” the unnamed source said.

Prince William Sides With Prince Harry, Kate Middleton Sides With Queen Elizabeth

Prince William and Kate Middleton are also, allegedly, on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to Prince Harry and Markle’s pleas for royal protection.

The Duke of Cambridge allegedly understands where Prince Harry is coming from because they both saw what it was like for Princess Diana to be hounded by the paparazzi until the day that she died.

Middleton, on the other hand, is focused on the queen. She’s allegedly worried that the stress caused by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has become too much for her to handle.

“The royals are already dealing with so much turmoil. Harry and Meghan’s timing is just appalling,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Prince Andrew Still Has Royal Security Unlike Prince Harry

Following Prince Harry’s request for legal review, there were also reports claiming that he would be more enraged to know that Prince Andrew still has royal protection even after his titles were stripped.

While speaking with Daily Mail, retired chief superintendent Dai Davies said that Prince Andrew still has royal protection because he’s an even bigger threat compared to Prince Harry.

“Whether [or not] he continues to use his titles, he remains the Queen’s son. Whether or not he is still afforded specialist protection will be based entirely on how serious intelligence suggests the threat level will be. Home Office advisers, the Queen’s private security, and a special committee will decide what the threat level is. If the threat level is low, then like junior royals and his own daughters he will have to fund protection himself,” he said.

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