Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle’s Husband Reportedly Feels Accomplished in Interviews Ahead of the Release of Spare, Prince William’s Brother Is No Longer Shy, Expert Claims

Credit: ITV News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ITV News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry has changed based on his recent interviews. A body language expert weighed in on how he became different from her mom, Princess Diana, today.

Prince Harry Used To Be Shy, Humble, Expert Claims

Celebrity body language buff Inbaal Honigman spoke with Daily Star about the Duke of Sussex. According to her, Prince William's brother was "shy" and "humble" in his previous interviews. However, that changed after he watched Prince Harry's interview with ITV's Tom Bradby ahead of the release of his memoir Spare.

"It's worth noting that he didn't used to talk with his hands quite so much," Honigman told Daily Star. "The Harry of years ago would be quite reserved and keep his hands still, clutched in front of him."

"In a 2006 interview with Ant and Dec alongside his father and brother, his head is lowered for much of it and his hands are wound together."

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She added that Meghan Markle's husband was similar to Princess Diana, who appeared "shy" and "lacking in confidence." However, he is reportedly different today, and the expert said he felt "accomplished."

"He appeared shy and lacking in confidence, not unlike the way his mother, the late Princess Diana would display quite humble body language in public interviews. This is not the Harry we meet now. His chin is up, his hands move passionately, he feels accomplished, and he feels justified."

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Prince Harry Is Completely Different, Royal Biographer Says

Angela Levin, who worked with Prince Harry for the latter's biography Harry: Biography of a Prince, weighed in on the changes in the latter. The royal commentator and biographer said the Duke of Sussex used to be an "intuitive" man who "understand people," but that person is long gone.

"He's completely different in every possible way," Levin told The Sun. "How many betrayals can you have? It's one after the other. It's a betrayal, it's a huge betrayal."

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Prince Harry had said several shocking things about his dad King Charles and brother Prince William in his book Spare. According to Levin, the Harry she knew loved his father.

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"I remember him saying about his father feeling the loss [Diana] just as they were, in a slightly different way, he's been there to look after us and protect us. He and William put on a birthday party, Harry was full of praise [about his father]."

Levin also shared his thoughts about Prince Harry's attacks against the Prince of Wales. Meghan Markle's husband claimed that Prince William physically attacked him.

Levin believed that Prince Harry was trying to take his family down. He also wanted to believe that he was 100% right and his sibling was 100% wrong.

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