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Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle's Husband Reportedly Acted Like an Animal After Tequila Shots; Page 3 Model Details Wild Night With Prince William's Brother

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry had a wild night with Page 3 model Nicola McLean over five years ago. It happened a year before he met his now-wife Meghan Markle.

Page 3 Model Details Time Partying With Prince Harry

McLean shared how she partied all night with the Duke of Sussex in 2015. Her story didn't make it to Prince Harry's newly released book Spare.

McLean told Daily Star that it happened at rugby athlete James Haskell's 30th birthday bash. She was there with her husband, soccer player Tom Williams.

"Tom's got a business in Las Vegas so they got to talking. Harry absolutely loves Vegas. He was really fun and just one of the lads," she shared.

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Prince Harry was reportedly not watching what he drank. He was just with the lads getting drunk. McLean said, "I really liked him." She added that she met Prince William's younger brother before he met Markle, and she wasn't sure if things changed. However, looking back, he said the Duke of Sussex "was a really nice guy."

"We literally drank so much tequila that we ran out. Then Harry and Tom were trying to find a way of sneaking out and getting more. Security wouldn't let us out … Tequila was definitely Harry's choice of tipple so it went down well. Harry and Tom were animals with it," she continued.

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"I got very drunk and fell in a bush as I was leaving. I was trying to scramble my way up and thought, 'My husband Tom cannot see that I'm this drunk.' Then Harry put a hand out and grabbed me up. I was like, 'Don't tell Tom,' and we were p***ing ourselves laughing."

When she woke up the following day, McLean said it was the "weirdest day of my life." She went into the toilet and saw her white dress all back at the back and she remembered how she fell in the bush.

"Well, I definitely won't be able to hide that from Tom,' so I was like, 'Babe, I fell in a bush.' Tom said 'Yeah, I know. Your dress is telling a million stories," she continued.

"It wasn't my finest moment, but who doesn't want to get drunk with Prince Harry?"

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Prince Harry Writes About A Page 3 Model In Spare

The Duke of Sussex spoke about the "best nine weeks of his life" in his memoir, which saw him kissing a page-three model, Express reported. The 38-year-old royal, who had a reputation for his fun-loving lifestyle, recounted returning to the United Kingdom from Australia in December 2003.

According to him, he went straight to a club for his first night at home and did the same the following days. He remembered meeting an interesting girl.

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"One night I met a girl, chatted to her over a drink. I didn't know she was a page three girl... I wouldn't have minded if I had known. She seemed like a smart, funny girl," he wrote.

He said at the time, the press thought he was still in Australia, so his escapades went unnoticed. However, when he left the club wearing a baseball cap to cover his identity, he was surprised to see the place swarmed with paparazzi. He sneaked into a "secret police car." Unfortunately, the driver was "too busy trying to take pictures" of him that they almost got into an accident.

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"The story in the press the next morning should have been about Prince Harry nearly being killed in an accident by a reckless paparazzi," he continued.

However, according to Prince Harry, what made headlines was about him allegedly kissing a Page 3 model "along with a fiery comment about the horrendous dating of the Spare."

What can you say about Prince Harry's revelations in his book Spare?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry.

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