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Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle’s ‘Aggrieved’ Husband Uses Spare as Forum of His Truth but His Revelations Contradicts With His Intentions, Expert Says

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Prince Harry risks everything in his memoir Spare, according to an expert. However, there are reportedly risks that come along with opening family secrets to the public.

Prince Harry Is Not Holding Back In Spare

Rutger Bruining, CEO of ghostwriting company Story Terrance, weighed in on the content of Prince Harry's memoir. For him, the Duke of Sussex used Spare to air his grievances regardless of how it would make his family feel.

"It really seems like Harry has gone for broke in terms of what he's decided to reveal, without taking into consideration how this might impact his family...or rather, he's made a conscious decision not to hold back, regardless of how his brother and others might feel. Harry clearly feels aggrieved and is using this book as his forum to tell the world what he believes is his truth," Bruining told Express.

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However, he also noted that there will always be a family member or family members who will feel that the recollections were not accurate since individuals see life through their own lenses.

In the book, Prince Harry claimed that Prince William physically attacked him over their row concerning his wife, Meghan Markle. He also alleged that Kate Middleton made the Duchess of Sussex cry and admitted to it.

He also portrayed his father, King Charles, as emotionally distant. Elsewhere in the book, he alleged that His Majesty leaked the rift between the Sussexes and the Waleses to the press.

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Prince Harry's Memoir Spare Contradicts With His Interest To Reconcile With Royals?

Bruining found it "interesting" that Prince Harry said he wished to reconcile with his family due to the explosive content of his book. In a previous interview ahead of the release of Spare, Prince Harry said he wanted his brother, Prince William, and father, King Charles, back. He said he wanted a family, not an institution.

According to the CEO, the statement "would appear to contradict" what he wrote in the book. He also stressed that writing memoirs or biographies always comes with a risk.

"Sometimes this leads to passionate discussions and a better understanding of shared experiences. In my experience, this more often than not results in closer relationships as tension escapes after the initial shock," he said.

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However, he also noted how the publicity of Prince Harry's book could hinder his intention to sort out his issues with his family. He warned the Duke of Sussex that it could lead to further division. But he also reminded the public that it's not for them to decide whether his public memoir is the appropriate forum or not.

"This is obviously going to heighten any divisiveness or offence taken within the family. It reads like a public airing of dirty laundry, but I doubt any of us who are not within the institution of the royal family can verify or debunk the allegations Harry makes in his book."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry.

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