Prince Harry Shock: Duke Of Sussex Gave Prince Charles' Second Wife Camilla 'Long Silences' And 'Smouldering Resentful Stares', Journalist Tina Brown Claims

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Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry and his stepmother Camilla Parker Bowles allegedly don't have the best relationship. According to journalist Tina Brown, the Duke of Sussex "can't stand" his father's second wife.

Prince Harry Allegedly Can't Stand Stepmother Camilla

Prince Harry and Prince William witnessed the falling out of their parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage. Also, they were aware of their father's infidelity toward their mom, who had been very close to them. So, Prince Harry struggled to accept his stepmother.

When Prince Harry and Prince William were officially introduced to the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles' youngest son allegedly "unnerved her with long silences and smouldering resentful stares," Brown claimed per The News.

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Prince William's brother was also allegedly really upset when Camilla changed his old bedroom at Highgrove House in Gloucestershire and turned it into her dressing room. This year, Queen Elizabeth II also announced that Camilla will become Queen Consort when Prince Charles takes over the throne. However, Prince Harry was allegedly having a hard time accepting his grandmother's decision.

"William has accepted Camilla in terms of what she means to his father. He’s been grown-up about it. ‘My father loves this woman, I can’t fight it, so I won’t,’" Brown told The Telegraph. "Harry, on the other hand, can’t stand Camilla. He doesn’t want Camilla to be queen, he’s very angry that it’s happening. He has not made his peace with it and he probably never will."

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Prince Harry And Camilla Showed Signs Of Tense Relationship Over The Years

Prince Harry and Camilla have been spotted multiple times together in various royal engagements. However, according to body language expert Judi James, there was a clear "friction" between Prince Charles' second son and second wife.

James examined the Prince of Wales' wedding photos with Camilla in 2015 and noticed how Prince Harry's "distanced" himself from the others.

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"Harry and William performed their usual upbeat and fun-loving double act, with Harry clearly living up to his reputation as 'the joker prince,'" James was quoted by Daily Mail as saying. "However, he appears to be less keen on showing the face of grinning 'approval' when it comes to the official portraits."

During the Trooping the Colour in 2015, Prince Harry was photographed bending slightly down with a "furrowed" brow while Camilla asked him a question. James said the Duke of Sussex was not smiling and did not make eye contact with Camilla suggesting that he tried to  "avoid going beyond the levels of polite duty" when interacting with her.


Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Charry, Camilla, Prince Charle and the rest of the members of the royal family.

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