Prince Harry Shock: Bookstore Goes Viral After Placing Meghan Markle’s Husband’s Memoir Spare Next to How to Kill Your Family Novel

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Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube ScreenShot

Prince Harry has been doing media appearances to promote his memoir Spare, which was released Tuesday. One bookstore from the United Kingdom gave him a free promotion by sharing a photo of their book arrangement from the store, and the post went viral for some reason.

UK Bookstore Goes Viral After Sharing This Photo Of Prince Harry's Book Spare From Its Shop

Bert's Books, an Indie bookshop based in Swindon and online, shared a snap of Prince Harry's memoir from its shop. However, what made the photo attention-grabbing was the way the books were arranged. Spare was placed next to Bella Mackie's hilarious debut novel How To Kill Your Family.


"Anyway, we do have some spare copies of 'Spare' if you want one," the caption on Twitter read.

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Several found the post witty because there are reports that the Duke of Sussex's Spare is his last straw in ruining his relationship with the royal family. He shared several intimate family secrets in the publication, involving King CharlesQueen CamillaPrince William and Kate Middleton. Many believed that the royals would not be able to forgive him for his latest project.

However, Alex Call, the owner of the store, later explained that the placement was not done on purpose. Mackie's work was the best-selling novel in 2022 and was already on the shelves, Huffington Post reported.

The unplanned book arrangement was brought to their attention, and they decided to let it be because many found it hilarious.

"Then when we saw it there, we thought it would be quite funny to put it next to 'Spare' and would be quite light-hearted and make a few people smile," Call told Huffington Post.

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How Did The Royal Family Feel About Prince Harry's Spare?

An anonymous insider spoke with Entertainment Tonight after excerpts from the book leaked days before its official release. According to the tipster, "no one in the family trusts Harry anymore."

The source added that Prince Harry "crossed a line" by sharing private family matters in the book. A second insider claimed that the publication was "deeply upsetting" to King Charles.

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Prince Harry goes easy with his father in his memoir and reportedly targets his big brother, Prince William. However, the tipster said he still made some "jabs at his father."

Meanwhile, the Prince and Princess of Wales were not thrilled with what the Duke of Sussex shared about them. They were "very upset", and the book "hit them very hard," an unnamed insider told Us Weekly.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry and his book Spare.

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