Prince Harry Had an Easier Life, Lots of Opportunities Than Prince William? Duke of Sussex More Popular Than His Brother, Was Never Treated Like a Spare, Royal Expert Claims

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry’s memoir is called Spare, and in other countries, it will carry a different title, such as Leftovers, Neglected, and In the Shadows. The titles garnered different reactions from royal experts, with one calling them tragic and interesting.

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Prince Harry’s Memoir Could Be Filled With His Resentments Toward The Royal Family, Royal Expert Claims

During a recent interview, royal expert Angela Levin said that royal fans could already get an idea of what Prince Harry’s memoir will be about based on the title alone. And by the looks of it, the Duke of Sussex will go into detail about all his resentments from when he was still a child.

“So here in the UK, it’s Spare. Outside of the UK, it’s Leftovers and Neglected. And there’s another one — In the Shadows. Which actually is tragic, isn’t it? That someone could actually allow a title like that on a book and that represents what’s inside it. It’s really, really sad that Harry can’t move forward at all. It’s obvious from the title that it’s going to go back to his resentments as a little boy that his brother was going to get the crown,” she said (via Cheat Sheet).

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Royal Expert Claims Prince Harry Was Never Treated Like A Spare By His Parents

Levin also stressed that contrary to Prince Harry’s memoir title. He wasn’t actually treated like a spare while growing up, especially by his parents.

When Princess Diana was still alive, she made it a point to give both her sons equal treatment even though she was aware of their different futures.

After her death, Prince Harry reportedly told Levin that King Charles made sure that he and his brother received the same attention and protection.

“He told me when I interviewed him for the biography that his mother made every effort to make him feel wanted and that she wouldn’t let cameramen, for example, take pictures of just William, unless it was like his birthday. Harry was always there… she did her very best to make him feel right. [He] also said he had more freedom, he had more opportunities. He was also incredibly close to his father. After Diana died, he said [Charles] really made sure… we were looked after and protected,” she said.

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Prince Harry Had An Easier Life Compared To Prince William?

Despite this, Levin said that Prince Harry still decided to use the title even if he wasn’t really treated like a spare to begin with. Growing up, the royal expert claimed that Prince Harry had an easier life with more opportunities because he was not set to be king.

He was also more popular than Prince William because he was the fun and lively one, while his brother was forced to act in a way that was suited for a future monarch.

“He wasn’t treated like a spare. He was incredibly popular, the most popular next to the queen. Because he was mischievous, he was fun. He was very lively. William’s got a much harder life because it’s so demanding to be a king and to be an heir,” she said.

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