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Prince Harry Following Wife Meghan Markle’s Footsteps? Spare Cover Is Giving Hollywood Vibes, Royal Commentator Says

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry is seemingly following his wife Meghan Markle's example, according to some royal commentators. One noticed that the cover of his upcoming memoir, Spare, is Markle's Variety cover because it was giving "Hollywood vibes."

Prince Harry Giving' Hollywood Vibes' In Spare Cover, Royal Commentator Says

Royal commentators, Rachel Burchfield and Jessica Robinson, discussed Prince Harry's photo on the cover of his upcoming book, Spare. Robinson said that it seemingly had a connection with Markle's recent cover for Variety.

"The cover is a close-up photo of his face in what looks like the warm California sunlight," Robinson said, Express reported. "He's got one of those expressions where you can't really tell what he's thinking; it's not really a smile because his mouth is closed, but it's also not overly serious and I don't think he looks upset in the picture. And the photo was apparently shot by the same photographer who took Meghan's photo for her Variety interview."

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She added, "The cover of the book is giving Hollywood vibes for sure."

Burchfield echoed the same sentiment. According to her, Prince Harry's book cover and Markle's interview cover looked like a "movie poster of a science fiction film." For her, the Duke of Sussex "looks very pensive." She agreed that there was a parallel in the royal couple's photos.

"I can definitely see the parallels between Meghan's photo for Variety and his photo," Burchfield said. "It's an interesting photo. It's maybe not my favourite of Harry, but it does the job."

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Is Prince Harry Following His Wife, Meghan Markle?

The photos of Markle's Variety cover and Prince Harry's book cover have some parallels because they were reportedly taken by the same photographer. It doesn't prove anything if Prince Harry is copying his wife's strategy.

However, Prince Harry's biographer Angela Levin, author of Harry: A Biography of a Prince, observed that he was following some of his wife's ways — in telling their version of truth.

"I think, unfortunately Prince Harry is following Meghan's way and he's developing his own truth about things,'" Levin said of Prince Harry on GB News. "It's ridiculous now the way that the two of them don't seem to mind whether it's wrong or whether it's untrue —it's their truth."

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Prince Harry's other biographer Duncan Larcombe could probably explain his changes. According to Larcombe, Prince William's younger brother is a "lost soul" who is "very influenced and easily led by the people around him."

"This looks like another example of how Harry has tried to morph himself into what he believes is the vision of normal as the person he's dating," Larcombe said on Fox News Digital.

"It's normal to Harry not to have his father in his life because Meghan doesn't. It's normal for Harry to go touring around for business and trying to secure the next book deal or TV deal because Meghan does. Harry's living his life as normal because it's Meghan's normal."

Do you agree that Prince Harry is following Meghan Markle?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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