Prince Harry Accused of Being a Whiny Baby

Credit: MsMojo/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MsMojo/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry has been accused of being a "whiny baby" by his critics after releasing the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan and dropping the memoir Spare. He and his wife, Meghan Markle, detailed their bad experience with the royal family and made numerous allegations.

Two of the Sussexes' famous critics are Piers Morgan and Howard Stern. The famed British journalist said Prince Harry was whining for having no chance to be the King, while the radio personality called the Sussexes "whiny b*****s."

Howard Stern's Opinion of the Sussexes

In an episode of his SiriusXM show, the comedian didn't hold back on his opinions about the royal couple after seeing their docuseries.

"It's been painful. I don't — I wouldn't stay with it, but my wife [Beth Stern] wants to watch it, so, you know, we have shows we watch, but they come off like such whiny b****es," he said via E! News. "I gotta tell you man, I just don't get it."

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Though he admitted to feeling bad for the Duke of Sussex after losing his mother, Princess Diana, in a car crash in 1997, saying he got his "empathy there," he revealed he wasn't a fan of how he and his wife had gone about their story.

"Jesus Christ, when those two start whining about 'Wah, wah, wah, and they don't like me' and she wants to be beloved in this country, but man, oh man, you know, it's just very weird to watch two people who keep screaming, 'We wanted our privacy, we wanted the press to leave us alone,'" he continued. "And then what is their special that they put out on Netflix — showing you them and their kids and their life. It's like the Kardashians except boring."

Piers Morgan Accuses Prince Harry of 'Whining' About His Royal Role

Meanwhile, when the title of Prince Harry's book, Spare, was revealed in October 2022, Morgan accused the duke of "whining" about his royal role.

Many saw Spare as a reference to the famous phrase "heir and spare," referring to the royal brothers Prince William and Prince Harry. The Prince of Wales is now the heir to the throne while his younger brother is his spare.

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Daily Mail's Meghan McCain asked the TV personality about the book's title in a tweet. "I'm not as plugged into this as Brits are clearly - but the title seems like a troll… is this your take?"

"100%. It's based on the phrase 'heir and a spare' and is Harry's way of whining that he won't ever be King," he responded.

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Spare was out in January, while Harry & Meghan dropped on Netflix in December 2022.

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