Can’t Prince Harry Type?

Credit: The List/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The List/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry once revealed that he joined the army instead because he "couldn't type fast" as he personally made a tweet to ask the public to support Invictus Games back in 2014. So, what's the story about this?

Prince Harry has no known social media accounts, except for his secret Instagram account, which the handle remains a mystery, as revealed in his and Meghan's Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan. The royal family is said to have no social media pages that are known to the public due to a royal protocol.

Prince Harry's First Tweet

The Duchess of Sussex was already 29 years old when he made his first tweet to promote Invictus Games.

As the prince had no Twitter account of his own, he used @InvictusLondon's instead.

"Are you clear how to do it, sir?" a host asked the prince.

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"This is why I joined the army—I can't type properly," he quipped.

Meghan's husband was able to figure out how to tweet using an iPad on his own and successfully made his first post.

"Hope everyone will get behind #invictusgames. Great opportunity to support and thank the men and women who have given so much. Harry," he wrote.

According to its website, Invictus Game is "an international sporting event for wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women. Teams will come from the armed forces of nations that have served alongside each other."

Royal Family's Social Media Accounts

Most news about the royal family that comes from Twitter is from @RoyalFamily. Prince William and Kate Middleton also have their own account, @KensingtonRoyal.

Prince Harry and Meghan also had @SussexRoyal as their official social media handle before, but it was no longer updated after they stepped down as senior royals in 2020. They were also banned from using Sussex Royal as their brand name.

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But despite having their own social media pages, the royal family is not the one who directly uses these accounts.

Invictus Games Chairman Keith Mills said, via The Los Angeles Times, that making a tweet still has to follow a "royal protocol."

"Members of the royal family don't normally tweet. I don't think they've ever tweeted," he stated.

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Talking about Prince Harry's first tweet, he revealed: "he was thrilled to do it, so we have made a bit of history."

However, The Guardian reported the duke is believed to have a secret account that he uses to see what's being said about him on social media.

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