Prince Charles Shock: Prince Of Wales Reportedly Complained To Wife Camilla At State Opening Of Parliament; Future King And Queen Consort Were Anxious And Nervous, Body Language Expert Judi James Claims

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Credit: The Telegraph/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, and Prince William attended the State Opening of Parliament on the Queen's behalf. According to experts, the Prince of Wales was visibly nervous during the event.

Prince Charles Allegedly Complained To His Wife, Camilla

The Prince of Wales arrived at the House of Parliament wearing his Admiral of the Fleet uniform, medals, and honour insignia. His wife, Camila Parker Bowles, was elegant in her navy coat dress and matching hat.

When the royal couple got out of their vehicle at the Sovereign's entrance, they appeared to have a brief exchange of words. Lip reader expert Jeremy Freeman told Mirror that Prince Charles moaned at his wife.

"Oh my word that was uncomfortable," Prince Charles reportedly said to the Duchess of Cornwall.

Shortly afterward, the Prince of Wales was seen gesturing at Camilla. He seemed to tell the duchess where she should stand.

"Your side," Prince Charles reportedly told Camilla.

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Prince Charles Was Reportedly Nervous And Camilla Anxious

Body language expert Judi James also shared her opinion about the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall after seeing them at the event. James said Camilla was sending "anxiety signals," and it was evident in the way the duchess tapped at the arm of her throne with her feet, making jittery movements on the floor.

Meanwhile, the Prince of Wales' nervousness was apparent when he read Queen Elizabeth's message.

"Charles’s levels of nervousness became more obvious as his hands shook while he held and read the notes of the Queen’s speech, making the pages flap as he held and turned them," James told Mirror in a separate report.

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She also noticed that the heir apparent was pre-occupied before he read the monarch's message. The Prince of Wales was just gazing at the crown in front of him, symbolizing the Queen, who missed the event due to her mobility problems. As James noted, the most powerful presence at the State Opening of Parliament was the "missing one," referring to Queen Elizabeth.

James also commented on Prince Charles' body language during their arrival. Based on her observation, the Prince of Wales tried to be in charge.

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"Charles arrived using body language signals to suggest a desire to imply control and even leadership. There were some directional steering gestures to his wife and Black Rod on the way into the building and even some smiles of greeting, but he became more sombre and there were some undeniable signs of nerves as he took the walk to the throne room," James continued.


"He took a deep breath on the way in and performed a jaw-jut and sideways wobble as though bracing himself. As he arrived at the archway to the throne rooms his head suddenly jerked up to either look at the arch or the throne."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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