Prince Charles Shock: Prince Of Wales Assured Queen Elizabeth He Will Make Her Proud When He Takes Over The Throne

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Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Charles is prepping himself to take over the throne from the 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II. The mother and son have reportedly talked about it earlier this year.

Prince Charles Assured Queen Elizabeth II Of His Kingship

Many are concerned about Queen Elizabeth II's health, especially after she tested positive for COVID-19. According to reports, behind the scene, the heir apparent is preparing himself to continue Her Majesty's legacy, when it's his turn to lead the monarchy. And the senior royals have already talked about it.

"The Queen and Charles met at the beginning of the year and spoke pragmatically about if and when she should step down," an unnamed palace insider said, New Idea reported. "It was a difficult conversation, but one they knew they must have. It was a day they all knew might come eventually, but it doesn’t make it any easier on Her Majesty."

The tipster continued, "Charles has spent his entire life absorbing from his mother what it means to be the monarch, and he has assured her that when the time comes he is determined to make her proud."

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Queen Elizabeth Tested The Public's Support For Prince Charles And Camilla

It's not a secret that many did not like Prince Charles and Camilla after Princess Diana blamed their affair on why her marriage with the Prince of Wales ended in divorce. However, Prince Charles and Camilla have continued their royal duties and eventually won the public's trust after over a decade.

Earlier this month, the Queen celebrated her 70th Ascension Day. She released a statement announcing that Camilla will be queen consort when Prince Charles takes over the throne. In her announcement, she also asked the public to extend the same support to her son. According to an insider, it was a test of how the public would react to the couple's leadership.

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"That was a test to see how well the public would react to a King Charles and Queen Camilla, and she was pleased with the result," the source added. "A few years ago, it would’ve been out of the question."

A public poll revealed that 55% of the people support the Queen's decision making Camilla queen consort in the future, Mirror reported. About 51% also supported the Prince of Wales believing that the crown should not jump a generation to Prince William when Queen Elizabeth II dies.

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"For all the chaos that has surrounded her family in recent months, the Queen is content to leave her legacy in the hands of Charles and Camilla, especially given they have Anne, William and Kate alongside for support," the source added.


Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the members of the royal family.

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