Prince Charles Shock: Prince Of Wales Allegedly Irritated, Feels Son Prince William Forgets He Is Not The Next King Over Commonwealth Statement, Royal Experts Richard Kay And Richard Eden Claim

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Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Charles is expected to take over the throne after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. However, his son, Prince William, might have overstepped when he released a statement about his thoughts on the Commonwealth after returning from the Caribbean royal tour, according to experts.

What Prince Charles Would Feel About Prince William's Commonwealth Statement?

A number of royal experts weighed in on how Prince William's statement about the Commonwealth would make his father, Prince Charles feel. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's eight-day Caribbean tour wasn't smooth sailing, but they pulled it off.

After their return, Prince William issued a statement on Instagram showing his support for those countries that wished to be independent of the monarchy. The second in line to the throne also said, he wasn't concerned about who the next Commonwealth head would be saying, he would support whomever they would appoint to be the leader of the family.

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Host of MailPlus' Palace Confidential, Jo Elvin, said that Prince William's declaration of his plans was "laying down the gauntlet for Charles," per Express.

"It must be incredibly irritating for Charles," said Richard Kay, a veteran royal correspondent and the Daily Mail’s Editor at Large. "The spotlight has shifted from him once again and it has been a frustrating few years for him in that regard."

"I'm sure it has made Charles and Camila think back at Clarence House," Daily Mail’s Diary Editor Richard Eden responded.

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Did Prince William Forget That His Father Prince Charles Is The Next King And Not Him?

Royal experts felt that the Duke of Cambridge seemed to have forgotten that he is not the heir apparent. For them, he should have remained lowkey, especially that his father Prince Charles and Camilla were also on tour in Ireland at the time.

"The way William and his aides were talking, they were sort of forgetting that he is not the next king," Eden said. "There is a man waiting to be king and William is down the line. It reflects that when Charles is on the throne, it will almost be a dual kingship with his son."

Just like Eden, Kay agreed that Kate Middleton's husband seemingly forgot that the Prince of Wales will succeed the throne after his grandmother and not him.

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"That is an issue for the Palace planners. Wouldn't they know William and Kate would overshadow Charles?" Kay said. "The great danger in William's statement is that he has completely forgotten about the reign coming up next."

While royal experts seemed to have disapproved of the Duke of Cambridge's move, several netizens were happy about his decision because it only showed that he listened to what the people wanted.

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"Thank you for posting this. Showing that you are listening and you learn- you do not tell people what to do. It is for the people of Belize, Jamaica and Bahamas to decide their destiny," one royal fan commented on Prince William's Instagram post.

"The very best of Britain. Thank you for everything," another added with clapping hands emoji.


"Such beautiful and powerful words from a future King. You and HRH are doing such a phenomenal job ushering history into a modern future. Your grandmother must be so proud," another wrote.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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