Prince Andrew Heartbreak: Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Son Should Reportedly Be Worried After Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sentencing, Lawyer Claims

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Andrew has been keeping a low profile ever since he and his alleged sexual abuse victim, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, reached a settlement. The decision to settle the lawsuit shocked the public since the Duke of York vehemently denied any wrongdoing. However, a lawyer recently said that Prince Andrew’s problems pertaining to the case may not yet be over.

This week, the court sentenced Prince Andrew’s friend, Ghislaine Maxwell, to 20 years behind bars for her role in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring. Following the sentencing, the lawyers representing the victims urged the authorities to investigate Epstein and Maxwell’s other associates, which includes Prince Andrew.

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Prince Andrew Could Be Targeted Next Following Ghislaine Maxwell’s 20-Year Sentence

While speaking with The New York Post, lawyer Spencer Kuvin said that the Duke of York should be concerned because he could be next on the list of the investigators.

“Obviously, Andrew is one target they will be looking into. He should definitely be concerned, but if he did nothing wrong, then come forward and tell the full story to the FBI, not the media,” Kuvin said.

Giuffre’s attorney, Brad Edwards, also urged the FBI to probe the Duke of York. Edwards hopes that Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband will be the FBI’s next target.

Lisa Bloom, one of the attorneys who represented some of the victims, also said a similar thing.

“Virginia Giuffre’s civil case should be just the beginning. Everyone associated with Epstein and Maxwell should be carefully investigated,” she said.

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Prince Andrew Frozen Out Following Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s Sexual Abuse Allegations

As of writing, Prince Andrew hasn’t been convicted of anything. But shortly after the controversy made headlines, the royal family took the necessary steps to distance themselves from the Duke of York.

Princess Eugenie’s dad was stripped of his royal titles in January. And he was also forced to give up his HRH title. The Duke of York also stepped down from his royal duties, and he has not returned since then.

Even though he has been seen in public on some occasions, he has not been allowed to attend official engagements together with the royal family. Earlier this month, there were reports that he would attend the Garter Service, but he reportedly canceled at the last minute.

There were also whispers that the dad of two would attend the queen’s Platinum Jubilee, but he also skipped the event.

One of the last times that Prince Andrew was seen with the royal family was during the memorial service of Prince Philip. Since it was technically a family event, Prince Andrew was allowed to pay his last respects to his dad at the time.

Elsewhere, Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband sat down for an interview with Newsnight to talk about Giuffre’s lawsuit. But he was accused of not showing any remorse for Epstein and Maxwell’s victims at the time. As such, the interview was dubbed as disastrous, and Prince Andrew was criticized furthermore online.

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