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Prince Charles Shock: Camilla Parker Bowles’ Wife Won’t Delegate Tasks To Prince William, Kate Middleton When He’s King? Heir To The Throne Reportedly A Workaholic

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The Firm will go through some major changes in the near future when Prince Charles and Prince William ascend the throne.

Even now while Queen Elizabeth still serves as the reigning monarch, royal fans are already seeing some changes. For one, the queen has been delegating some of her duties and patronages to her successors.

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Prince Charles Is A Workaholic So He Won’t Delegate Tasks To Prince William, Kate Middleton

But during a recent discussion, royal author Robert Jobson said that when Prince Charles ascends the throne, it’s unlikely for him to delegate tasks to Prince William and Kate Middleton. After all, he’s a very fit man and he also happens to be a workaholic.

“Well, the Prince of Wales, as we all know, is pretty much a workaholic, so I know that he will be doing an awful lot of delegation. I think we have seen with the Queen in the 90s a lot more delegation to the Prince of Wales, but he is a very active, very fit man, so I don't think that's going to happen,” he said (via Express).

Even though Prince William is still second in line to the throne, Jobson said that he and Middleton could very well be the king and queen of Britain. After all, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been taking on more duties and responsibilities.

“I think that what we will see is them being upfront as the main faces of the monarch. They will be traveling the world. They will be the ones on the front of magazine covers,” Jobson said.

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Prince William Cannot Leapfrog Prince Charles To The Throne

But even if Prince William and Middleton have the support of millions of Britons, it is important to note that he can never succeed the queen. Some royal fans and royal experts have been speculating on the possibility because the Duke of Cambridge has been a wonderful support for Her Majesty.

However, constitutional expert and professor Vernon Bogdanor said that those who favor skipping a royal generation are foolish. After all, legislative changes may be required in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth where the queen serves as monarch.

“Most things about the monarchy require an Act of Parliament to change them. This is one of the problems with some rather foolish people I think who say you can skip a generation and go to Prince William. For a change in succession, you would need an Act of Parliament. Not just in Britain but in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica, everywhere else and no one wants that,” he told Express.

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Prince Charles Would Ascend The Throne After Queen Elizabeth’s Death

The constitutional expert also said that Prince Charles would immediately ascend the throne following the queen’s death.

“The royal standard is never lowered once the queen is dead because the monarchy continues. He is automatically king. It is confirmed at the Accession Council and then at the coronation, but there is no statutory requirement for a coronation. Edward VIII never had one. But Charles becomes king immediately,” he said.

Throughout the years, there have been discussions regarding the possibility of Prince William leapfrogging Prince Charles to the throne. The Duke of Cambridge’s supporters believes that he is a better fit to lead the British monarchy because he is more popular than Prince Charles.

But regardless of what Britons want, they can never get their way because The Firm follows certain rules and regulations when it comes to the Order of Succession. Since Prince Charles is the queen’s eldest son, he will succeed the monarch. Following his death, Prince William will become king.

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