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Prince Charles Shock: 3 Things That Will Change When The Prince Of Wales Takes Over The Throne After Queen Elizabeth

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Credit: The Telegraph/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Charles will take over the throne after his mother, Queen Elizabeth. During his reign, at least three significant changes will be observed, a report says.

Prince Charles Will Bring Changes When He Takes Over The Throne After Queen Elizabeth

The Prince of Wales has been waiting for decades for his turn to lead the British monarchy. However, Prince Charles is also not that keen to take over because being crowned king would mean his beloved mother, Queen Elizabeth, is already gone.

Despite the wait, it is certain that he will inherit the throne after the 96-year-old British monarch. According to Express, there will be at least three major changes, including the National Anthem.

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The National Anthem Will Be Changed To Reflect Prince Charles As The New Monarch

The National Anthem has been around for almost three centuries already. When Queen Elizabeth was crowned the British monarch in 1952, she became the first British Queen regnant since Queen Victoria, who died in 1901.

Four kings ascended the throne before Her Majesty — Edward VII,  George V, Edward VIII, and George VI. When she ascended the throne, the national anthem was reverted to "God Save the Queen."

When Prince Charles becomes the new king, the lyrics will be changed again to reflect "God Save the King."

"God Save The King" will likely ring during Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall's coronation.

Prince Charles Will Be More Visible, And His Presence Will Be Felt

As Britain welcomes its new king, he will start to appear on official coinage from the Royal Mint. Yes, Prince Charles' portrait will be featured in banknotes and currency.

The Prince of Wales has already appeared on several commemorative stamps. There were stamps during his royal wedding and 70th birthday. However, a regal portrait bearing Prince Charles as the crowned king is expected to be featured on new stamps.

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New Postboxes Will Be Installed With Prince Charles' Cypher

The postboxes across the United Kingdom are engraved with Queen Elizabeth's cipher of "EIIR," which stands for "Elizabeth II," and R for "Regina," which means Queen in Latin.

When Prince Charles becomes king, new postboxes will be installed, and they will bear his cipher. At present, it remains unclear as it depends on the regal name that Prince Charles will choose when he reigns.


If the Prince of Wales keeps his name, he can reign as King Charles III, and his cipher will be "CIIIR." The "R" stands for "Rex," which means King in Latin.

The existing Queen Elizabeth's postboxes will remain as is.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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