Prince Charles Revelation: Camilla Parker Bowles’ Husband Had This Hilarious Encounter With His Former Royal Butler

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Credit: CBC/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Charles has always had a wonderful relationship with his household staff. And most of them have been working for the future king for years. In public, the heir to the throne looks stern and serious, but this is far from his real personality when he’s at home.

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Prince Charles’ Former Royal Butler Details His Hilarious Encounter With The Future King

During his interview on the Royal Family Channel, Harrold recounted the hilarious encounter he had with Prince Charles while he was still working as a royal butler for him. As a new household staff, it wasn’t surprising to know that Harrold was a bit scared and intimated by his new boss but only because of his position.

“I remember, kind of looking, I can't believe this, I was so nervous about having tea because the butler came in with the tea... And I'm not going to even touch that because I'll get that badly wrong. He basically just asked about my upbringing. I told him my dreams and ambitions,” Harrold said.

The former royal butler also told Prince Charles that he is skilled in masonry, and his new boss seemed impressed. In fact, Prince Charles joked that Harrold could start fixing the walls of the palace before the two broke down in laughter.

But it was what happened between Harrold and Prince Charles on the former’s first day at work that he couldn’t seem to forget.

While doing his monitoring duties, Harrold heard Prince Charles’ voice and wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t cross paths. So, he decided to enter a darkened room not realizing that it was a cupboard. When Prince Charles saw what he was doing, he asked Harrold what he was doing there before he and his wife, Camilla laughed at the former royal butler.

After leaving the room, Harrold said that the royal couple couldn’t help but comment on how cute he was for committing such a hilarious mistake.

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Prince Charles’ Former Royal Butler Weighs In On His Relationship With Prince Harry

Throughout the years, Harrold has also shared other stories during his time with the royal family. Since he was already a royal butler for Prince Charles and Princess Diana when Prince William and Prince Harry were still very young, he practically saw the brothers grow up.

Last year, Harrold spoke in the documentary Charles & Harry: Father and Son Dividedabout his former boss’ relationship with his youngest son.

“The damage is done. And that makes me sad because the relationship that I knew — which was a loving, caring, fun relationship — can never be like that again,” he said.

Royal author Tom Quinn also weighed in on the matter and said that it’s obvious that the distance between the father and son widened in recent years.

“There is no doubt the gulf between Harry and Charles has widened considerably. I mean, I think if they are not careful it will be very difficult to bridge that divide in [the] future. I can’t see how they can do it,” he said.

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Grant Harrold Says Prince Charles Has Sense Of Humor


On another occasion, Harrold told Us Weekly in 2020 that Prince Charles was the type of boss that had a sense of humor.

“It was unbelievable. I used to pinch myself for about a year because I couldn’t believe it. To actually have somebody like the Prince of Wales as your employer was just an extraordinary situation and, I’m not just saying this, he was a very kind, considerate, and passionate employer,” he said.

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