Prince Charles Heartbreak: Queen Elizabeth Makes This Shocking Request To Her Son? Future King Knows It’s Monarch’s Last Christmas

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

Queen Elizabeth’s recent health issues has triggered discussions regarding the fate of the monarch. Even though palace insiders confirmed that the 95-year-old is well, royal fans are still convinced that they are not telling the truth.

Some have been speculating on the possibility of the queen retiring or abdicating because her body seems to be deteriorating. What’s worse, others are convinced that the queen doesn’t have long to live.

Queen Elizabeth Thinks This Year Is Her Last Christmas

National Enquirer, in its Dec. 6 issue, claimed that even Queen Elizabeth herself is aware that her days numbered. As such, she’s planning to go on all out when it comes to next month’s Christmas festivities in Sandringham. After all, she knows that this could be her last.

An unnamed source claimed that the queen has no plans to retire or abdicate. In fact, she wants to make sure that all the ongoing issues plaguing the royal family will be put to rest before she dies.

Even though it’s clear that the monarch cannot predict the actual day when she would pass away, the unnamed source insisted that she has an idea.

“The queen knows she has little time left and is planning her last Christmas at Sandringham. It might be her last chance to reunite the family and resolve the conflicts threatening to destroy the monarchy,” the unnamed source said.

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Queen Elizabeth Wants Prince Charles To Abdicate At 80

One of the things that the queen allegedly wants to address has to do with the future of the monarchy. She understands that Prince Charles waited decades to ascend the throne, but there’s allegedly no denying the fact that Britons adore Prince William more.

“She’s negotiating with them, apparently suggesting Charles reigns until he’s 80 then turns over the crown to William,” the unnamed source said.

Queen Elizabeth Wants Prince Harry, Meghan Markle To Celebrate Christmas With Her

Prince Charles and Prince William allegedly focused on what the queen wanted and not on what they want so they didn’t say no to her request. But the father and son were unable to control their anger when the monarch said that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should be invited to Sandringham for the holidays.

“Charles and William had a fit. They can’t forgive Harry and Meghan for their public betrayals. For now, she’s agreed to ban the Sussexes – and disgraced Prince Andrew – after they brought such shame and scandal to the family,” the unnamed source claimed.

But even if this is the case, Her Majesty still, allegedly, hopes that the day would come when all the royal family’s issues will be resolved. However, the queen knows that this means she needs to cut ties with some of her loved ones.

“She’s determined to clean the house before she passes – even if it breaks her heart to banish certain offenders. The survival of the monarch is her priority… Frankly, Prince Harry and Meghan’s bitter attacks on the family, Harry’s feud with his brother, Prince William, and the rape scandal Prince Andrew denies are sending Her Majesty to the grave too soon,” the source said.

Prince Andrew, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Slowly Killing The Monarch

The palace is also, allegedly, panicking due to the queen’s deteriorating health. But they are trying their best to keep things a secret from the entire world.

And if Prince Andrew, Prince Harry, and Markle do not stop, it’s only a matter of time before the entire world knows what’s really going on with Her Majesty.

“Now time is running out for her. But at the end of the day, the monarchy comes first. Barring a miracle, Andrew and the Sussexes will be out even if it means the queen never sees Harry again,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Queen Elizabeth Is ‘Alright’

The queen's latest royal engagement took place on Nov. 23 at Windsor Castle when she welcomed the Governor of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey at her home.

A photo of Her Majesty with Bailey was released later that day and it shows that the queen is able to stand and walk days after she sprained her back.

The queen also appears to have lost a considerable amount of weight following her recent health issues. But royal fans have nothing to worry about.

Her eldest son gave the public his honest opinion about the monarch's health after saying that the queen is alright.

“Once you get to 95, it's not quite as easy as it used to be, It’s bad enough at 73,” Prince Charles joked.

It is also important to note that Prince Harry and Markle have reportedly decided to not celebrate Christmas with the royal family this year. So, the publication’s claims that Prince Charles and Prince William became upset are most likely untrue.

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