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Prince Andrew Shock: Duke Of York's Lawyers Preparing Him For His Trial? Queen's Son Hopes To Find A Loophole In His Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Prince Andrew was recently stripped of his HRH and military titles.

The US court also denied his lawyers’ request to dismiss Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawsuit despite citing a 2009 settlement agreement between the victim and the late Jeffrey Epstein. The US judge called the agreement ambiguous and said that it lacked clear and precise drafting.

“The 2009 agreement cannot be said to demonstrate, clearly and unambiguously, that the parties intended the instrument 'directly,' 'primarily' or 'substantially' to benefit Prince Andrew. The existence of the requisite intent to benefit him, or others comparable to him, is an issue of fact that could not properly be decided on this motion even if defendant fell within the releasing language, which itself is ambiguous,” Judge Lewis Kaplan said.

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Prince Andrew Hoped His Lawyers Would Find A Loophole In His Case

OK! magazine, in its Jan. 31 issue, claimed that Prince Andrew couldn’t be more stressed with what’s happening with his lawsuit. In fact, there are fears that the Duke of York could be heading to trial amid his sexual abuse case.

“He believed his lawyers would find a loophole. He was treating it as a nuisance, but his confidence has vanished now. He’s being prepped for his trial by his lawyers and how to conduct himself during cross-examination,” an unnamed source said.

Queen Elizabeth, Princesses Beatrice, Eugenie Stressed Over Prince Andrew’s Lawsuit

The unnamed source that Queen Elizabeth is also stressed out over what could happen to his son. Even though she has privately stood Prince Andrew’s side, she couldn’t help but worry about how the lawsuit would impact the royal family.

“She’s worried about the outcome and what it means for the monarchy,” the unnamed source said.

Prince Andrew’s children, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are also embarrassed to be dragged into their dad’s sexual abuse lawsuit. But they are sticking by him since they are still a strong family unit.

“Though Andrew is shocked things have gotten to this point, he’s prepared to have his alleged misdeeds aired out for the whole world to see. This is shaping up to be the trial of the century. Everyone will be watching,” the unnamed source concluded.

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What’s Next For Prince Andrew?

According to The Independent, the trial for Giuffre’s case will begin between September and December 2022. Both parties will be required to disclose expert witnesses by May 13 and their rebuttal witnesses one month later.

All discovery of evidence should be completed by July 14 and a joint pretrial proposal should be filed by July 28, where both parties will state whether they want to head to a jury trial or not.

The publication confirmed that the Duke of York could file for an appeal against the Jan. 12 decision either through a motion of reconsideration or by appealing straight to the second circuit court of appeals.

As of late, there’s still no confirmation as to whether Prince Andrew will be called to testify in court, but it’s possible. And when it comes to a possible settlement, this can also be reached as long as both parties will be on board.

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