Prince Andrew Shock: Duke Of York Upset With Prince William For Barring Him From Attending The Garter Ceremony? Duke Of Cambridge Reportedly Gave Queen Elizabeth An Ultimatum

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Prince Andrew was reportedly scheduled to attend the Garter ceremony on Monday, but he was barred from making an appearance because of Prince William. Speculations are rife that Prince Andrew and Prince William have not been on good terms, especially after the former was accused of sexually abusing Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

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Prince William Reportedly Gave The Royal Family An Ultimatum Ahead Of The Garter Service

According to Express, there are claims that Prince William gave the royal family an ultimatum to choose between him and Prince Andrew. And since he’s second in line to the throne, the Queen had no other choice but to take his side.


Her Majesty has always been close to Prince Andrew. In fact, reports also claimed that she and the Archbishop of Canterbury are the only two people that want Prince Andrew to return to his royal duties. After all, they believe that he could still make huge contributions to The Firm.

Unfortunately, Prince William put his foot down and said that he didn’t want Prince Andrew to attend the Garter service. The dad of three also reportedly suggested for Prince Andrew to only attend the private lunch and skip other key parts of the ceremony.

“The Duke of Cambridge was adamant. If York insisted on taking part publicly, he would withdraw,” a source said.

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Prince Andrew Wanted To Attend The Garter Service And Was Shocked By Royal Family’s Decision?

A source also alleged that Prince Andrew was upset with the decision because he wanted to be there. And he’s also fuming at Prince William for preventing him from returning to his royal duties even after his sexual abuse lawsuit has been settled.


However, a source close to the Duke of York denied the claims and said that he felt that it was in everyone’s best interest if he didn’t attend. And a source for the royal family also said that the decision was made by the royal family.

According to the publication, the Duke of York was looking forward to returning to the public scene after skipping the Thanksgiving Service earlier this month. Prince Andrew tested positive for COVID-19 at the time.

“He did join the Queen and rest of his family for the investiture in the castle’s Garter throne room and the traditional lunch that takes place afterward in the Waterloo Chamber. But neither he nor the Queen joined the public procession and church service featuring Prince William, the Prince of Wales, and other senior royals,” the publication said.

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Royal Family’s Decision To Bar Prince Andrew Shows They’re Not Ready To Welcome Him Back

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine, also said that Prince Andrew wanted to be at the Garter service. And he was also supposed to be there until the plans changed at the last minute.


“Clearly, it was the intention he would be there, as he does feature in one of the lists, so it’s not a media invention that he was going to be there, until recently that was the intention. Interesting that the family should need to intervene on something like this and to pull him back but clearly that’s what it takes,” he said.

Little also said that the royal family’s decision not to allow Prince Andrew to make an official public appearance could signify that they were not ready to welcome him back to the royal fold.

“I think the decision they’ve made is a sensible one, I think they’re fully aware of the public’s opinion of the Duke of York’s conduct and that this is very much a damage limitation exercise on behalf of senior members of his family,” he said.

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