Prey Star Amber Midthunder Cried 'Anxiety Tears' After Landing Lead Role

There is little doubt that being a part of a successful movie franchise is an exciting opportunity for a young actor. However, Amber Midthunder had a different reaction when she was told she nabbed the lead role in Prey. Amazingly, the Legion star actually cried "anxiety tears" after learning she will play the Comanche warrior who takes on a Predator in the prequel film.

In 2021, it was confirmed that Amber Midthunder has been cast as Naru in Prey. It's a strong and awesome role for the young actor who began crying after learning the news. However, it wasn't from sheer joy as Midthunder admitted that it was probably because she was completely overwhelmed by the idea of leading the latest movie of the successful Predator franchise.

“They were not excited tears, they were scared, anxiety tears,” Midthunder told Teen Vogue. “I had no idea why. I just started crying and I was like, I don't think I want this because it felt so big that I was like, I don't want to do it. I just want to stay home and let somebody else do it. Please let someone else do this movie.”

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Luckily, Amber Midthunder got over her fear and working on Prey turned out to be a truly amazing experience for the actor.

“It's funny because I really most often am scared of everything,” she continued. “It's terrifying to go out into the world and do things. I think what I've learned is that every single time I've done something that has scared me, I've walked out with a huge set of skills for myself that I did not know that I could have. I've walked away with qualities that I didn't think were possible for me.”

Being in Prey has already led Amber Midthunder to another equally successful (and decidedly less bloody) franchise. She was recently cast as Princess Yue in Netflix's live-action series adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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