Premium Bandai To Release Official Pokedex Phonecase

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After years of requests from Pokemon fans, there's now an official Pokemon Pokedex phone case that is available for purchase in Japan.

Premium Bandai recently announced the highly-anticipated Pokedex phone case. Now, fans can turn their smartphone into a real Pokedex that they've witnessed from the original Pokemon games. You can check out Poke Jungle's tweet below regarding the new phone case:

There's a catch though. The phone case is only available for iPhone users. Nintendo Soup says the case is suitable for an iPhone X. Along with iPhones 6 to 8, but it could cover the microphones and flashlights so if that is your phone unit, you might have to think about getting the case. Unfortunately, the case won't cater to fans who purchased the new iPhone 11 as well as "any other non-Apple smartphones."


The product seems promising compared to other companies who tried their hand on making a Pokedex since it is recreated well. It is also said that it really looks and feels like a Pokedex.

It's a pity that it's only available for limited phone units, but given its demand from the fans over the years, there's a chance that they'll expand their phone unit choices.

Pokemon fans are now literally one step closer to fulfilling their childhood goal of being a Pokemon trainer with the Pokedex case. It certainly would be a good purchase if you want to relive those nostalgic memories of wishing for a Pokedex in real life.

The Pokedex Smartphone Case will be launched in Japan in March of 2020.

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